Will I Take the COVID Injection?

Those who have been following my blog since it began late 2020 know that I have been posting many articles and information about COVID.  Judging by the proportion of posts on COVID, you can see how very important this issue is to me.  I believe we are at a critical moment in history—how it turns out depends on the choices everyday people make. In early April 2020 when we first began the lockdown in the United States, I wrote this update for the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development.  The US and other countries around the world were shutting down their economies, initially for just two weeks, to “flatten the curve.”  At the time, it was acknowledged that it was not possible to prevent the disease from spreading…rather the stated goal was to slow the spread so that the hospitals would not be overwhelmed with patients.  I questioned the wisdom of shutting down the economy and implored my colleagues to work together to evaluate the benefits of the lockdowns (lives saved from COVID) against the costs (lost jobs, failed businesses, increased suicide, increased alcohol and drug related fatalities, etc.). 

The two-week lockdowns got extended, and again, and again.  The rationale for continued lockdowns morphed into this idea that we had to keep things locked down until the “vaccines” came out.  Through Operation Warp Speed, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and other companies worked to produce a new type of gene therapy (inappropriately labeled a “vaccine”) to treat the disease.  Officials implored us to “hang on” until the roll out of the “vaccines” made the world safe again.

Early on, the CDC altered its definition for how it counts COVID fatalities (but only for COVID and not other diseases), which has led to dramatic over count of fatalities attributed to COVID as compared to the method that had been used for many years.  You can read about it here.  Why did the CDC change this definition?  In addition, many countries began to use the PCR test to determine whether people were infected with COVID.  However, the PCR test generates 94% false positives. That is, in 94% of the positive tests people were not actually sick and not contagious.  You can learn more about this here and here.  The U.S and other countries were basing policy decisions on a wildly inaccurate tool.  Why base policy on a tool known to be useless for the purpose of identifying COVID? 

As the CDC collected data on COVID fatalities (using the modified definition which leads to a dramatic over count of actual fatalities), we learned that the survival rate is about 99.7%.  This is roughly equivalent to a typical flu season.  However, we also learned that the elderly are more vulnerable as are the obese and those low on vitamin D.  Children and young people have an extremely low risk with survival rates of 99.9%.  As these data emerged, a logical policy response would have been to open schools and allow people to engage in everyday activities while protecting the most vulnerable (the elderly and those with underlying health conditions).  Instead, we continued to disrupt the lives of everyone.

In addition, some doctors and scientists pointed out that existing medications proven to be safe were very effective in treating COVID.  You can read about all the peer reviewed studies showing that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), ivermectin, and vitamin D here.  Though these treatments are demonstrably safe and effective, for some reason this information is suppressed.    For example, this recent Senate hearing testimony by Dr. Kory on the effectiveness of ivermectin was banned by Youtube (but you can view his testimony here).  Why would a Senate hearing presentation by a qualified professional be banned?  The voices of many doctors and scientists have been suppressed/banned from mainstream outlets.  As a result, thousands of people in the United States have unnecessarily died of COVID because they were not given these effective treatments.  Of critical importance, the leaders of our medical establishment have known for many years that HCQ was very effective in treating coronavirus.  See here for evidence that Dr. Fauci said so himself in 2005.

As we are all being corralled into the “vaccine” as one and only solution to the “raging pandemic”, Operation Warp Speed thrust the vaccine development process forward.  We now have three “vaccines” available from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson, all of which have been approved by our government for emergency use. 

You can read here about the nature of these “vaccines”, which aren’t vaccines at all in the traditional sense.  With a traditional vaccine, a person is injected with an attenuated virus, which stimulates a natural immune response so that the body responds and begins building immunity.  The “vaccines” being offered to us for COVID are not this, but rather a form of gene therapy.  The injection stimulates your own cells to produce a spike protein that comes from the coronavirus.  The body’s immune system responds by destroying the cells that create the foreign spike protein.  Such an approach has never before been used population-wide.  You can access information on the number of deaths and adverse reactions from the injections that are occurring around the world here.  Further, we don’t yet know the potential longer-run negative effects might be, though previous studies on animals resulted in many fatalities–the animal trails were skipped.  The mRNA gene therapy being used for COVID is truly experimental.  Read the descriptions of this new technology from those who are developing it[1]:

“–Our Operating System – Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.” – Moderna

“We think of it as information therapy” – Tal Zaks Chief Medical Officer of Moderna

Writer David O’Hagen offers: “Computers are information processing machines; the mRNA and DNA injections can be seen as rudimentary biological computing systems running within the body. The reference to storage, software and applications is not metaphorical, we are dealing here with synthetic biology an aspect of which is biocomputing.  The development of gene-based logic circuits forming CPUs, bio-censors etc, fabricated using living materials instead of silicone is already well advanced.”

“Controlling gene expression with sophisticated logic gates has been and remains one of the central aims of synthetic biology. However, conventional implementations of biocomputers use central processing units (CPUs) assembled from multiple protein-based gene switches, limiting the programming flexibility and complexity that can be achieved within single cells. Here, we introduce a CRISPR/Cas9-based core processor that enables different sets of user-defined guide RNA inputs to program a single transcriptional regulator (dCas9-KRAB) to perform a wide range of bitwise computations, from simple Boolean logic gates to arithmetic operations such as the half adder. Furthermore, we built a dual-core CPU combining two orthogonal core processors in a single cell. In principle, human cells integrating multiple orthogonal CRISPR/Cas9-based core processors could offer enormous computational capacity.” – A CRISPR/Cas9-based Central Processing Unit to Program Complex Logic Computation in Human Cells

Is this kind of technology used in the current mRNA injections?  Consider the words of the people developing the treatments.

“First, we would like to introduce to the vaccine community the concept of synthetic gene circuits and how they could help create more effective vaccines with sophisticated programmable behaviour. Second, we would like to challenge the mammalian synthetic biology community to engineer sophisticated gene circuits for vaccination by using the emerging modified or replicating RNA technologies….

Nucleic acid vaccines have been gaining attention as an alternative to the standard attenuated pathogen or protein-based vaccine. However, an unrealized advantage of using such DNA or RNA based vaccination modalities is the ability to program within these nucleic acids regulatory devices that would provide an immunologist the power to control the production of antigens and adjuvants in a desirable manner by administering small molecule drugs as chemical triggers…

Advances in synthetic biology have resulted in the creation of highly predictable and modular genetic parts and devices that can be composed into synthetic gene circuits with complex behaviours. With the recent advent of modified RNA gene delivery methods and developments in the RNA replicon platform, we foresee a future in which mammalian synthetic biologists will create genetic circuits encoded exclusively on RNA… ‘smart vaccines’ will revolutionize the field of RNA vaccination…

Synthetic biology is a radically new style of genetic engineering in which living organisms are “programmed” using genetic circuits to systematically engineer novel and useful biological properties. The earliest accomplishments in the field included the construction of simple genetic circuits such as oscillators [1]and toggle switches [2]in bacterial species using mathematical modelling and rational network design. Since then, increasingly more complex circuits have been engineered…” – Synthetic Biology Devices and Circuits for RNA-based ‘Smart Vaccines’: A Propositional Review. January 2015

Does this type of gene therapy alter one’s DNA?  Again, consider this NYT piece and words of the people developing this technology.

“I.G.T. (immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer) is altogether different from traditional vaccination. It is instead a form of gene therapy. Scientists isolate the genes that produce powerful antibodies against certain diseases and then synthesize artificial versions. The genes are placed into viruses and injected into human tissue, usually muscle. The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.” – Carl Zimmer New York Times March 2015, Protection Without a Vaccine

“Once inside the nucleus, DNA vaccines have a risk of permanently changing a person’s DNA.” – Moderna White Paper

In reading through the descriptions of this emerging technology written by the very people who created them, I believe that we are now at a critical point in history—we must all decide right now what it means to be human.  And we must decide whether we trust those corralling us into accepting this type of treatment.  Consider the implications of the following statements regarding how this technology could be used:

“A minimally invasive optogenetic technique that does not require brain implants successfully manipulated the activity of neurons in mice and monkeys…The researchers first genetically engineered neurons to produce a newly developed, extremely light-sensitive protein called SOUL. They then demonstrated that it is possible to shine light through the skull to alter neuronal responses throughout the entire mouse brain, and through a thick membrane called the dura to reach superficial regions of the macaque brain.” – Implant-free Optogenetics Minimizes Brain Damage During Neuronal Stimulation

“It is a technology that enables researchers to stimulate cells with light, thereby allowing for the direct control of behaviour. Until now, this technique has been applied in animal research only but, as we argue, it holds promise for research in humans as well.” – Optogenetics as a neuromodulation tool in cognitive neuroscience

“The study suggests that with an injection of a virus carrying the ChRmine gene—either through the eye socket or through veins—it’s potentially possible to control something as integral to a personality as sociability with nothing but light.” – Singularity Hub

Concurrent with the pandemic crisis, the lockdowns, and the gene therapy solution is the Great Reset as put forward by the World Economic Forum, which is one of mouthpieces for a group of elites who seem to have a great deal of influence.  One the stated goals is to merge the physical and digital identity of every person on the planet as described here.  A strategic move is to connect this goal of digital IDs with the “pandemic” through the adoption of vaccine passports, which are now be rolled out in many countries and business sectors around the world.  Israel is leading the way where they already have a unique ID for each person…they have been able to quickly adopt a “vaccine passport” system.  If a person has been vaccinated, the verified digital system will indicate positive vaccine status.  Hotels, restaurants, airlines, entertainment venues only allow the vaccinated access to services.  Some places of employment will also use it.  See here for brief description of Israel’s digital vaccine passport system.  If we allow it, this type of system will be implemented in the US, Europe and eventually everywhere else. 

In parallel, all major central banks of the world are developing block-chain digital currencies. See here for some information on the implementation of digital currencies.  I believe these parallel developments will eventually be merged.  Independent researcher Alison McDowell has integrated seemingly unrelated technological developments that, if taken together, offer a mosaic of how the Great Reset will play out.  It’s not a pretty picture. You will learn much if you listen to this interview.


  1. Pandemic was declared and supported with false data on COVID infections and fatalities.
  2. Lockdowns were imposed in many countries, again justified with false data on COVID infections and fatalities.
  3. Severe human and economic consequences from lockdowns ensued resulting in $ trillions in federal spending and borrowing, money printing, millions of lost jobs, tens of thousands of lost businesses, increased suicide and alcohol/drug fatalities, domestic abuse, and the death of more than 200,000 children in the developing world, etc.
  4. Information about safe and effective alternative treatments such as HCQ and ivermectin were and are suppressed in many countries.  Some doctors were even terminated for using such treatments to save lives.  The result was that many thousands of lives were unnecessarily lost to COVID.
  5. The survival rate for those who are recorded as infected with is about 99.7% (using the false data).
  6. An experimental gene therapy (inappropriately labeled as vaccine) was rolled out in record time under Operation Warp Speed.  The injections have led to thousands of fatalities and strange adverse health impacts.  We do not yet know the nature of the longer-run impacts from the gene therapy. Many eminent scientists have expressed serious concerns about the health impacts of the gene therapy in both the short- and longer-run.
  7. The pharmaceutical companies are completely exempt from legal action for any damages or fatalities caused by their products, and this is especially true for products approved for use by the US government under “emergency use.”
  8. The plans for use of the mRNA gene therapy include regular injections/updates, and these injections have the potential to change one’s DNA.
  9. Moderna’s mRNA gene therapy is the first product it has ever produced and delivered.  Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson have engaged in criminal activity and have been convicted numerous times.  See here and here for information about past crimes.  Historically, these companies have demonstrated themselves to be corrupt.
  10. Digital vaccine passports and other health monitoring applications are being rolled out globally.  Look to Israel for the model of what could be implemented if we allow it.  Increasing pressure will be placed on people to accept the COVID injection.  At some point, I believe these digital health/passport systems will be integrated with the new digital monetary system…again if we allow it.

Given this information, does it make sense for me to take the COVID injection? 

I do not consent to the COVID injection and I do not consent to digital passports and medical tyranny (and the subsequent surveillance state that logically follows).  I anticipate that this decision may be costly for me personally and for my family.

I will do my best to help build a more human society based on core principals as outlined in the US Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…

[1] David O’Hagan has compiled a huge amount of information about the nature of the mRNA technology used in gene therapies now being rolled out globally.  This information is summarized at:  https://www.option3.co.uk/covid-19-injection/

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Mark Skidmore is Professor of Economics at Michigan State University where he holds the Morris Chair in State and Local Government Finance and Policy. His research focuses on topics in public finance, regional economics, and the economics of natural disasters. Mark created the Lighthouse Economics website and blog to share economic research and information relevant for navigating tumultuous times.

20 thoughts on “Will I Take the COVID Injection?

  1. An outstanding article. Extremely well researched and presented. I agree with you 100%. There is no way I am going to accept the biological “program” being forced on us, a “program” that is obviously a fraud at its very basis, given that it is being called a “vaccine,” which by basic definition it is not. If they won’t even call it what it is, then clearly we are dealing with deliberate, carefully-orchestrated lies and propaganda. The “vaccine” should be renamed, as per Goebbels, the “Big Lie.” “Here, let us inject you with our Big Lie and make you die so we can expunge you from the Social Security and Medicare rosters. And for those of you who miraculously are not exterminated, we will instruct the Big Lie “program” to have you behave exactly what we instruct you to behave. No ‘pursuit of Happiness’ for you, Big Lie suckers, but rather permanent obedience, control and slavery.” We can know for a fact that this is a minutely-planned globalist initiative and coordinated operation by observing one thing: how this singular Big Lie onslaught is simultaneously taking place throughout the so-called free world. Why is every government trying to cram the same Big Lie down their citizens’ throats, when the results of their actions thus far have been disastrous and when the medical risks of the injected “program” are literally incalculable and potentially catastrophic? What have our “elected” representatives been promised to so slavishly go along with the same agenda, when the agenda clearly makes no sense? Is it even possible that they can all be identically idiotic? No, that’s not possible. An enormous incentive has been dangled in front of them to get them to advance this irrational attack on reason and common sense. To see how a total globalist puppet behaves, pay close attention to BoJo the Clown and examine the epic destruction he is wreaking throughout the U.K. He is the epitome of a globalist sell-out. It is truly pathetic that so many tens of millions of people, or better said, victims are falling for this Big Lie. But the people have fallen for big lies for centuries and never seem to learn. To me, what is happening now is the biggest lie in all of humanity, and it has genuine potential to annihilate humanity. At least some of us see what is really happening and are taking every emergency evasive action we can. Thanks again for a great article.

  2. I am not taking the SARS-2 jab either.

    I am not anti vaccine. I have taken many vaccines and will again, but not these!
    These agents were rushed and are experimental. They are not licensed. They are not FDA approved. They are only on the market because of an emergency authorization for a virus that killed 1 in 1,000 Americans in 2020 and left the rest of us alive.

    Vaccines for SARS-1 killed the lab animals when they were later exposed to SARS-1 instead of protecting them.

    The spike protein of SARS-2 is very similar to that of SARS-1. These jabs might be worse than the virus.

    We are not helpless. We have vitamin D, C, zinc, ivermectin, hydroxychlorquine, azithromycin, budesonide and doxycycline if we are infected with SARS-2.

  3. I will not be taking the synthetically made drug – what is being pushed as a ‘vaccine’ – for SARS-CoV-2. I have always been reluctant to take drugs of any kind and have consistently refused every attempt by doctors over my lifetime to take drugs such as painkillers for a simple procedure as a pulled tooth that a nonaddictive aspirin or ibuprofen or nothing at all would suffice! When the shot came out as the answer to the ‘pandemic’ for which less than 2.6 million have died in a population of 7.8 billion (not life threatening at all) I eagerly began to read about alternative treatments for COVID19 and almost immediately all medicines that were not the golden chalice “vaccine” where debunked. I knew something fishy was going on when almost every country in the world were using alternative prophylactics in the early treatment of COVID19 and the statistics showed a corresponding reduction in their mortality rates. And yet in my county, the US, medical personnel were banned from using these same drugs in the early treatment of COVID19 and instead patients suffering from symptoms of SARS-C0V-2 where sent home to die. US doctors who offered to treat their patients while waiting for the golden chalice of the life saving “vaccine” where threatened, lost their jobs, their reputations, and their licenses which resulted in the US having the highest numbers of fatalities and deaths while waiting for a drug that does not stop the spread of the virus or prevent its transmission and only hopes to offer a reduction in symptoms. I also knew that just because a drug causes your body to produce antibodies in the first weeks of being injected into your body, does not mean it has a 95% efficacy in prevention and transmission. I dug deeper and deeper into this plandemic and the rabbit hole is dark indeed. I restate – I will not be taking any vaccine ever knowing what I know now, and I will never take or be coerced or threatened into taking the synthetically made drug – what is being pushed as a ‘vaccine’ for the treatment of COVID19.

  4. Thank you for standing up! This is going to turn to be the biggest genocide in the history of humanity. I have a big extended family and I’ll be the only one who refused this madness.

  5. Mark, Great article. You’ve brought up a lot of questions and issues that people should know and think about before joining this medical experiment. And the history of this injection as someone points out in a comment is important for people to know too. Great job on the summary. I appreciate everyone taking the time to do this and wake people up. It’s hard to summarize it all because there is so much fraud.

    Have you seen the FOIA responses that Christine Massey received and the SOVI? DR. Kaufman, Dr. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morrell have said the SARS-CoV2 virus does not exist. Here are some links.


  6. The question I would pose is: What percentage of the population has to get injected before the result is catastrophic or irreversible ? The original stated goal of Fauci and Gates was 75%. Bill Gates has stated that with this injection he will be able to control the world’s population. Dr. Tenpenny has stated that this “vaccine” is the perfectly designed killing machine. Once phase 1 is completed with the injections, the recipients are now set up to be taken out by phase 2, an actual virulent viral agent, that will kill them. Further, Dr. Vanden Bossche has pointed out that administering this “vaccine” during a pandemic increases the likelihood of more virulent mutant strains being produced, that will kill not only the vaxxed, but the unvaxxed as well. The time frame proposed by Dr. Tenpenny is that within 3-6 months after the inoculations, the deaths will start occurring from the compromised immune systems. In the animal trials, all the vaxxed animals died when re-exposed to the COVID virus. I expect we are already nearing the tipping point with the vaxxes in the US, Britain, and Israel…

  7. Want to say NO to ‘vaccine passports’? Here’s a form to send that message to your elected representatives, based on your zip code. Created by the Assoc of American Physicians and Surgeons.


    1. Yes. The Johnson and Johnson uses a different delivery mechanism, but it still hacks your cells to instruct them to produced the coronavirus spike protein. Your body then recognizes the “foreign substance” that your body would not ever produce naturally and then destroys the cells that contain the “foreign” substance.

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