350,000 Americans likely killed by the COVID gene injection (so called vaccine) by end of 2021? Not including 2022 & deaths from boosters? As much as that? 1 in every 750 who take COVID shot dies?

Dr. Paul Alexander: “Exact reported deaths being 278,000 (95% CI 217,330–332,608); this is incredible & this is not in the legacy media? CNN, NBC, MSNBC? Somebody? Fauci, Walensky? At least Jha will address? CRICKETS? This study must not be taken as definitive and must be repeated and validated but it adds another piece of evidence that there is something definitely and dangerously wrong with these COVID gene injections. The proper post-vaccine surveillance (adverse event reporting and data safety monitoring boards etc.) as to safety of these gene injections have not been carried out and safety was not properly studied in the legacy trials.”



“Movie script where “Contagion” meets ‘Idiocracy’.”

As a follow-up to the Project Veritas “bombshell video where a “senior R&D executive from Pfizer” makes claims about “directed evolution of the Covid virus, I share this thoughtful post from Sasha Latypova. Well worth the read…food for thought.


Breaking: Federal Judge Blocks California Law Punishing Doctors for ‘COVID Misinformation’

“A federal judge in California on Wednesday granted Children’s Health Defense-California Chapter’s request for a preliminary injunction to block a California law that would have allowed the state’s medical boards to punish doctors for spreading ‘COVID-19 misinformation.’”

Africa Didn’t Follow WHO’s Pandemic Script. Guess What Happened?

“Africa, where less than 6% of the population is vaccinated against COVID-19, has fared far better than countries with high injection rates. Still, the World Health Organization continues to warn that developing nations are at grave risk due to low jab rates.”

Hidden Camera INFURIATING Confession: Pfizer Scientist Spills 100% of the Beans on Pfizer’s “Cash Cow” of COVID-19, Regulatory Capture, In-House Gain-of-Function

“Because creating viruses that are more dangerous in live monkeys on US soil is, like, the ultimate business model…”


(Time will tell if this is staged or real….)

Small number of people have changed world history–their secret weapon–the TRUTH

Peter McCullough: “Small number of people have changed world history–their secret weapon–the TRUTH. Its like kryptonite to those advancing the false S&E agenda which is crumbling across the globe. # courageousdiscourse Courtesy InfoWars.”


McCullough: Harrison Smith was creeped out with the FDA paper by Woo et al on C19 vaccine blood clots.

“Harrison Smith was creeped out with the FDA paper by Woo et al on C19 vaccine blood clots. Told him that people within the @ US_FDA are signaling the world through peer reviewed manuscripts on hazards of the products.”