Dr. Mike Yeadon Exposes Possible COVID Fraud–High Wire Inteview

This is a fantastic interview where the former Pfizer VP clearly articulates 6 big lies Iisted below) being perpetuated by governments and media globally.

1.  overstating the lethality of the virus

2.  setting the PCR test to generate false positives

3.  saying lockdowns work

4.  saying you can spread the virus if you have no symptoms – which, is why asmyptomatic people do not need to social distance or lockdown

5.  saying that there are no effective treatments (Dr. McCullough proved that there is)

6.  saying that the COVID gene therapeutic injection is safe 

Yes, this is a conspiracy…not a conspiracy theory…so difficult for wrap one’s mind and heart around…

CBS Late Night: Knuckle Sandwiches to the Unvaccinated!

According to CBS late night talk show host James Corden and his The Late Late Show staff, it isn’t enough to offer Americans food or prizes to get the vaccine. No, no. People who don’t want the vaccine deserve a “knuckle sandwich.” 

CBS Late Night: Knuckle Sandwiches to the Unvaccinated! | Newsbusters