“Suppose the idea of REVOLUTION instead of SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE now spreads from China to Western countries? When people who protest against the government in China can be tortured and killed, and yet they keep protesting, that tells you something big is happening now.”

Robert Malone Sues the Breggins for $25 Million

I don’t know what is going on here, but I thought this was worth sharing. Any insights are appreciated.

“At the ages of 71 and 86, Ginger and I are in the fight of our lives. In all our years of doing reform work, no individual and no group has ever been so intensively and persistently attacking us on a personal level as Dr. Robert Malone — starting ever since August 2022 when we criticized his concept of mass formation psychosis in depth without even mentioning his name. Dr. Robert W. Malone filed a lawsuit on October 30, 2022, against Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin, seeking damages for $25,350,000.00 or $25 million for short. Why would Dr. Malone make his claim so large — over 25 million dollars?”

Synchronized Media, Deeply Alarmed About Us Putting Out Misinformation or Disinformation. Comic Relief, or is It Horror Genre?

KIX drummer Jimmy Chalfant has heart attack onstage; Vancouver DJ Drex has heart attack; Argentina’s president collapses on state trip to Indonesia, & footballer Oscar Garré has cardiac arrest

The Consumer Economy Has Completely Collapsed – “It’s a Ghost Town” for Holiday Shopping Everywhere

“That’s the typical ground report from areas all over the country. No one, literally almost no one, is doing any holiday shopping and the traditional Black Friday rush to get deals and discounts just didn’t happen. Financial media are scratching their puzzlers, perplexed with furrowed brows.”