Vladimir Putin says Russia supports the use of the Chinese yuan for conducting transactions between Asia, Africa, and Latin America

“Like Several Rate Hikes In One Day”: Yields On AT1 Debt Double Overnight After Shock Credit Suisse Wipeout

“Alas, regulators and central bankers have a habit of lying ‘when it gets serious’ and it has rarely been as serious as it is right now. So those skeptical to allocate cash to an asset that is here today but may be gone tomorrow may be wise to wait and see how the AT1 tranches is treated in the next European bank failure. Luckily, with the ECB hiking 50bps last week and set to hike even more next, they won’t have long to wait.”


“An Extraordinary Change”: Labor Data Reveals Shocking Drop in Workplace Attendance Following Vax Campaign

Ed Dowd:

“What Has Happened to Our Country Is the Most Awful Thing That Could Ever Be Imaginable”

“In 2022 the absence rate was 11 sigma above trend & the worktime lost rate in 2022 was 13 sigma from trend.”


Stop the presses! The New York Times reports the TRUTH about the “October Surprise,” which is not a “conspiracy theory” after all

This important read will take you back in time to the Carter/Reagan presidential transition and the timing of the release of hostages in Iran.


First Republic Bank Stock HALTED 7+ Times Today alone; Looks Like There’s No Saving It

“In the time it took to write this story — FRC stock has been halted TWO MORE TIMES!   Nine trading halts today alone. We are on track to mark a record for most number of halts in a day. You’re witnessing history.