This Headline by the New York Times Is as Cruel and Spiteful as It Gets, and It’s Wrong

This headline by the New York Times is as cruel and spiteful as it gets. These are truly terrible, evil people.

It’s also patently false. Dr. Zelenko’s protocols and treatments have been proven to be effective across the entire world.


The War Against Unborn Babies and Reproductive Health

Population Control: The War Against Unborn Babies and Reproductive Health

A new study from Dr. James Thorp, covered by The Epoch Times (, details an outrageously increased risk of reproductive and fetal abnormalities compared to the influenza vaccine.

His findings are listed below: (Credit – Epoch Times)

• Abnormal uterine bleeding (menstrual irregularity) is 1000-fold greater
• Miscarriages are 50-fold greater
• Fetal chromosomal abnormalities are 100-fold greater
• Fetal malformation is 50-fold greater
• Fetal cystic hygroma (a major malformation) is 90-fold greater
• Fetal cardiac disorders are 40-fold greater
• Fetal arrhythmia is 50-fold greater
• Fetal cardiac arrest is 200-fold greater
• Fetal vascular mal-perfusion is a 100-fold greater
• Fetal growth abnormalities are 40-fold greater
• Fetal abnormal surveillance tests are 20-fold greater
• Fetal placental thrombosis is 70-fold greater (two minutes)

Massive Implications, Saudi Arabia in Discussion to Join BRICS Coalition – The Outcome Would be Global Energy and Economic Cleaving

Very important geopolitical developments….

Rationing Has Already Started in Europe as the Entire Globe Plunges into a Horrific Economic Nightmare

“If countries in Europe are already beginning to ration certain things due to “supply problems”, how long will it be before it starts happening in the United States? “

A Perpetual Pandemic Is on the Way Thanks to Planned New COVID-19 Vaccines and FDA’s Insanity

“FDA will allow Moderna & Pfizer to update the variants targeted by their mRNA injections and require no new studies. What’s even more insane? Their “updates” will ensure a Perpetual Pandemic.”

Moderna Vaccine Increases Myocarditis Risk by 44 Times in Young Adults: Peer-Reviewed Study

“The risk was 13 times higher with Pfizer vaccination.”

The authorities know this and they still approved it for babies.