What Is the Situation Globally with Vaccine Mandates, Digital Vaccine Passports, Digital IDs, And Digital Currencies?

Back in March of 2021 I posted this: Will I take the COVID injection? in which I conluded: “I do not consent to the COVID injection and I do not consent to digital passports and medical tyranny (and the subsequent surveillance state that logically follows).”

This week we learned that the Swiss vote backed the vaccine certificate via the referendum (though they are using the same voting machines we have in the United States).  This was a pretty big blow, in my mind.  Swiss voters back law behind Covid vaccine certificate | Switzerland | The Guardian

This past weekend, I pondered the severe restrictions being imposed in Russia, which led me to take stock of where were are globally.  Below, I provide a summary of where I think things are by country. I do not attempt to provide supporting documentation and I may not have it perfectly correct, but you can find supporting documentation on this blog. Here is what I have:

China: Vaccines, digital ID/vaccine certificates, social credit system in place, digital currency in place

India:  Somewhat low on vaccination rates, about 1 billion people have digital IDs with a working digital ID system, some places are imposing a no jab, no food/fuel rule,  working on digital currency

Europe: Digital IDs rolling out, many countries imposing vaccine mandates and vaccine certificates, working on digital currency

Russia: Imposing pretty draconian vaccine mandate measures, working on digital IDs and digital currencies

Canada, NZ, Australia: Vaccine mandates, vaccine certificates, working on digital vaccine passes/IDs, basically fascist take over, working on digital currencies

Israel: Digital ID/vaccine certificates, restrictions for the unvaccinated in place, basically fascist control

Singapore: Digital ID/vaccine certificates, very high vaccination rate, high control

Japan: digital ID, high vaccination rate, working on digital currency, less fascist control

England: Pushing for digital IDs/vaccine certificates, digital currency almost ready, high vaccination rate, booster shots every three months

Brazil:  Pretty high vaccination rate, not sure about digital IDs/health certificates

Chile: Vaccine certificates, high vaccination rates, very restrictive/fascist

South Africa:  Working on imposing mandatory vaccination with vaccine certificates

Mexico: I am not sure what the status is in Mexico, but the leadership seems to be moving more slowly and is inclined toward personal freedom

US:  States rolling out digital driver’s licenses/IDs, spotty vaccine certificates, feds pushing hard but thanks to a decentralized power structures a number of states are pushing back, working on digital currency (thank God for our decentralized system)

Developing World:  The International Monetary Fund and World Bank are offering carrot/stick incentives to push vaccines, health certificates, etc.  (outcomes are at various stages but these countries are easier to coerce…quite a few leaders who haven’t complied have died or have been removed from office)

In summary, it seems that most of the world’s population is being funneled into the new ideology and most people are complying.  There are pockets of resistance (some very rigorous as in Australia for example), but the score doesn’t look good right now. What inning we are in?  As for world leaders, I don’t see any significant leader opposing the new ideology except perhaps the Presidents of Brazil and Mexico. It seems there is a global agreement that this is how it is going to be…the new world order.

I think we’ll need divine intervention for things to turn around. I want to speak truth and offer light/hope, but we must also be brutally honest in our assessment of the situation.  Deception appears to be prevailing, though growing numbers are seeing it. All that is needed is for enough people to face what is happening and make a decision to not comply and not do business with the perpetrators…strength in numbers.

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