Physical and Spiritual Aspects of Technology and the COVID 19 Injection

Many have this nagging feeling that there is something deeply wrong/disturbing about the COVID-19 pandemic narrative. It’s not only what is happening in the physical realm (the “pandemic”, the false information used as a basis for lockdowns, suppression of therapeutics that could have saved many thousands of lives, the rollout of new experimental gene therapy falsely labeled as a “vaccine”, many thousands of adverse reactions including severe neurological problems and death, the push for digital ID’s and vaccine passports, all of which I tried to summarize here). My feeling is that there is a profoundly spiritual aspect to all that is happening. For me, being human is both physical and spiritual. What is happening right now in the physical is a reflection of some sort of battle in the spiritual. We are all caught up in a war, but many don’t recognize it.

This interview by Catherine Austin Fitts with David O’Hagen reflects the physical/spiritual struggle we are experiencing. O’Hagen has a website ( where he has posted three articles, “The Battle for Humanity”, “COVID 19 Injection” and “The Biological Control Circuit”. O’Hagen is an intelligent and thoughtful lay person who has provided an extraordinary resource for those who have this nagging feeling that something is very wrong…reading his work sort of like finally getting to scratch that itch you somehow couldn’t reach. Start your reading with the “COVID Injection“.

From O’Hagen: “Computers are information processing machines; the mRNA and DNA injections can be seen as rudimentary biological computing systems running within the body. The reference to storage, software and applications is not metaphorical, we are dealing here with synthetic biology an aspect of which is biocomputing.”…”So, we arrive at probably the single most important question facing humanity both now and for the future. Will we connect ourselves to the machines we make in the right or wrong way? The Battle for Humanity article attempts to show why the integration of binary/quantum-based technology that uses electricity and magnetism is the wrong way. The Covid 19 injections pave the way to that very outcome. There is an alternative path open to us, one that uses a wholly different technology based upon the etheric life forces. We can develop conscious machines based not upon the duality of electricity and magnetism but on the threefold life processes. The alternative counterpart to the transhumanist technology that is being forced into our bodies is not to go back to the dark ages, it is to develop highly advanced technology based upon the etheric life forces.”…”The point where your body begins to undergo genetic manipulation using bio computing technology is the line in the sand, the fork in the road. Do you want to be a natural human being or begin the process of merging yourself and your life with the artificial world of the internet (and World Wide Web), something that was from the beginning designed as a weapons system of surveillance and control?”

I don’t think we ought to insert operating system instructions into our bodies without first carefully considering the spiritual implication of doing so.

O’Hagen is soft spoken and he struggles in the interview to articulate what he intuitively understands. I empathize! This interview is worth your time, and his articles are definitely worth reading. Take what you can from them.

Some writers and researchers provide very useful information on what is happening on the ground in the physical. Some focus on spiritual aspects. A few offer a synthesized physical/spiritual perspective. People like O’Hagen, Catherine Austin Fitts (The Solari Report) , Allison McDowell (Wrench in the Gears) offer contexts for what is happening in this broader perspective. I have also found Mark Crispen Miller (News from Underground) and Jon Rappaport (No More Fake News…the Exit from the Matrix series was very helpful to me) to be enlightening from this synthesized perspective, though I am not sure they would articulate it in the same way I do. There are others as well. Consider this quote from the intelligent and courageous Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (who is much maligned in the legacy media): “We are in the last battle. We are in the apocalypse. We are fighting for the salvation of humanity. We all knew this was coming, though I never believed it would come in my lifetime. But here it is.” Kennedy gets it.

In the comments below, please share sources/resources that you have found to be helpful. Thank you.

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