Nobody Has Traded 10Y Japanese Govt Bonds For 2 Days!

No trades (none!) were reported overnight in the benchmark 10Y Japanese Government Bond (JGB) for the second straight day. This is the first such occurrence since 1999. As Bloomberg reports, trading volumes in JGBs have dried up over the years as the BOJ scooped up sizable chunks of the debt to keep a cap on yields.”

Kyrie Irving On COVID-19 Vax Mandates: ‘Biggest Violations Of Human Rights’

“Kyrie Irving ( is speaking out against mandatory COVID-19 vaccine enforcement … calling it ‘one of the biggest violations of human rights in history.’ The Nets superstar — one of the most well-known celebs who personally opposed getting the jab — took to Twitter to air out his grievances, and he didn’t mince his words. Of course, Kyrie only played in 29 games last season … primarily because NYC implemented a rule which prevented Irving from working in the city without the jab. Irving stuck to his principles and refused the shot ( … and the City eventually did away with the controversial measure. Despite public perception, Irving has repeatedly reiterated that he’s not anti-vaccine ( … but feels people should be allowed to make their own decisions without coercion…”

People Are Working on Metaverse Digital Identity Security and None too Soon

“The earliest days of the commercial internet, the huge majority of talk was marketing hype, not data security and privacy. Today, at the same time in the metaverse‘s development, a bit more is being said about it. Among the points of common emphasis is the need to lock down users’ digital identities. It is not just experience talking, some of the dangers waiting for the metaverse are unique and uniquely concerning. A white paper by French-based online customer-account service firm Teleperformance sees the metaverse as a “patchwork of individual companies’ siloed experiences,” a description that will be familiar to those who enjoyed the dawn of the commercial internet. Horizontal infrastructure to make digital ID portable is currently lacking. Soon people will begin falling victim to new social-engineering cons. The paper notes that attacks on the internet today are scarily capable of convincing people they are talking to someone familiar when they decidedly are not. The metaverse will see sophisticated attacks using deepfakes that will impersonate avatars and convince people to part with personal data, including biometric identifiers.”

UK Gov. Pauses COVID Vaccine Roll-Out to 5 to 11-Year-Old Children After 22% Increase in Deaths Among Age Group Since NHS Began to Vaccinate Them