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Moderna Is Spying on You

Novak Djokovic’s victorious return to the US Open this year was heralded as the triumph of an “ageless” athlete. His “greatness”, The Guardian reported, “has been defined by his ability to rise from difficult losses stronger than before”. But for the pharmaceutical giant Moderna, it came as something of a blow. “Djokovic Crowned Anti-vaccine Hero…

Solari Hero of the Week: November 27, 2023: Kevin McKernan

“The vials that were in fact approved were not the vials that were given to the public.” ~ Kevin McKernan This week, we are shining a spotlight on Kevin McKernan, a genomics scientist with 25 years’ experience who has made significant contributions to the field. McKernan is a leading expert in sequencing methods for DNA…

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  1. Greetings Dr. Skidmore,

    I was alerted to the existence of this web site by the Solari.com site. I am delighted that it is up, and will follow it with interest. Of particular interest to me, is your investigation into the anomalies in the U.S. Treasury securities market. I look forward to updates. A brief look at your lists tell me that there are a lot more interesting things as well.

    Thank you for your tireless effort to bring this important information to light.

  2. Is there any connection between the missing trillions and the $43 trillion alleged by one independent news reporter to have been recently taken from the basement of the Vatican? That mention suggested the basement riches were Rothschild gold and artifacts stolen from people around the world over time.

    1. I was raised Catholic, and from what I’ve learned over time- it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if that’s the case!

  3. Mark,
    Thank you for your tireless effort in finding the truth. I too am struggling with communicating with everyday people. It is an exhausting and frustrating process but it has improved my patience.
    Good luck with the site where I will be a frequent visitor.

  4. Thank you, Dr. Skidmore, for your efforts to bring the truth to light. I discovered you via The Solari Report.

  5. Thank you, Dr Skidmore, for taking us gently down the “rabbit hole” of current economics. ..Your ability to untangle and clarify the monetary systems and events in today’s world is so refreshing and so necessary!
    Kudos to you and your Anam Cara, Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report!

      1. Dr. Skidmore – I’ve been on edge, worried about a bank bail-in. My friend pulled all her money out of the bank. Do you recommend this? If so, where should one keep money? Fidelity isn’t a bank so I thought that money ‘may’ be safe there. I have never felt so vulnerable.

  6. Just watched you and your cats on the Catherine Austin Fitts latest interview. Thanks for making the “dismal science” less opaque. I think her idea of someone actually explaining economics in real terms is a wonderful one.

  7. Thanks you for exposing the real story of financial chicanery. I’m grateful for your work which provides an alternative to the lack of coverage and lies by the corporate media propagandists. Found you on Solari and have listened to all your interviews with Catherine.

  8. Hi Mark, I heard you over on Solari, and I want to say thank you. In these times, as with all others, ‘we the few’ must band together for mutual aid and protection against the darkness. Thank you for sharing your light with us. We all support the light in whatever way we can.

  9. Hello, I just saw the interview you had with Cathrine Austin Fitts. I appreciate all the work you do. I’m part of this younger generation you two were talking about, and I have seen what predatory tactics the financial institutions have inflicted upon my family. My eyes were opened pretty early on which is a blessing and a curse. But thank you, and God bless!

  10. Just heard your most recent interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. Your investigation into Weather and economics is fascinating and timely. My advisor at UC Davis (Kenneth EF Watt) was working (and continues to work) on modeling the interactions of environment and human society with an eye on energy flows and requirements (solar, wind, gas, oil coal and nuclear). He is one of the few Environmental Scientists that has gone deeply into economic modeling.

  11. Great interview with Greg Hunter. In Europe, we are very distracted by the legacy media. For years, we boasted about real journalism and open political discussion. Alas, those days are over. I’ve decided to play the patience game and watch events unfold. Unfortunately, change will come through enlightenment or pain. I fear the latter. I’m not an overly religious person but your investigation shows that we are bordering on a reset that is potentially of biblical proportions. Stay safe and be strong. J in Europe,

  12. Thanks for your expert work on bringing these important topics to light! Your voice lends credibility to what many of us are sensing has been going on- but we weren’t able to do the ‘heavy lifting’ to prove it! You and Catherine A. Fitts were able to do that for us. I share your names and the story of the missing trillions everywhere I can. I will share this new site with others as well, especially those in the financial and bookkeeping services. But EVERYONE needs to know how the US federal government behaves and operates. Keep on thinking and working- hopefully some very good minds and hearts are working on how we can lessen the blow from the massive criminal enterprise that has been running amok for many decades (if not centuries). Decentralization and diversification of currencies (and governments) seems to be the best direction to go, in my mind. The more ways we have of trading with one other the better- so we do not become funneled into a digital globalist orwellian nightmare. The more freedom of choice one has the better, right? I also often share the work of Dane Wigington at geoengineeringwatch.org. Certainly, a very real possibility is that alot of this missing money has been spent on military/ black-op’s programs such as climate engineering SAI and SRM.. so much is connected and must be brought to light! Thank you for using your expertise and sharing your findings and conclusions with us! Kudos and may God bless you always. : )

  13. Just watched you on Solari. I haven’t found my sea legs either, but watching you and Catherine helped me feel less alone. Thank you 🙂

  14. Every time I see an interview with you Mark or Catherine or an article written by either of you I always make sure to listen to/read it. There are some truly reliable sources out there.

  15. I first learned about your work from Catherine Austin Fitts videos and from USAWatchdog interviews. I appreciate how you interact with Hunter, mature. You site is solid. Your sincere and honest investigation of a myriad of issues facing the planet today is refreshing. Thank you for the excellent reference to the Electroverse site. I have been following him for a while. He is spot on. You have a new subscriber and look forward to following your work. I hope to be in a financial place to donate soon. You deserve the support.

  16. Hi Mark
    Following you and Greg Hunter for my input on many subjects, Thanks!
    A thought:

    Mark, Be Well, Be Resilient

  17. Hello good Dr.
    I have a complex question and I would greatly appreciate your insight. At what point does the burden of corruption begin to outweigh the benefits of an organized government? Meaning, at what point do we exercise the ability to inact a peaceful revolution (as our forefathers intended) by voting independent across the political board?

    1. Bobby,

      Thanks for your thoughtful question. I have a few thoughts to add. First, I am a big fan of decentralized systems. Here in the U.S. the states still have considerable autonomy and can thus establish laws based on science the well-being of citizens. I am very thankful for courageous leaders stepping up in a number of states. Second, I am hoping that we all can continue to create friction by sharing information and non-compliance with incoherent rules. Third, if enough of us can see through the two party illusion we might be able to implement change through the ballot box, but I think there is ample evidence of vote manipulation for many years…that is a significant barrier. Fourth, I think corruption is inherently unstable. The factions that have come together to bring us the pandemic and Great Reset could easily turn on each other, thus creating an opening for an outcome different that the one they want….perhaps an opportunity will emerge for us to have more to say in the matter than we think. Fifth, I like to pray for help! I hope this response adds to your thinking.

  18. Dear Dr. Skidmore.
    I am so Very Grateful of you and People like Catherine Austin Fitts and Greg Hunter who in their stand for Correctness and Consciousness point out the Evidence of the work of the other team. I with that you could place into your toolbox the tools available to you, but maybe out of sight because the are from a Different discipline than your specialization. Specifically I would like you to be able to safegaurd yourself with the knowledge of Postal Mechanics to remove the un-seen levers of control that are put inplace by the premise that our holdings and Labor are held in the account created by the system that holds the Original Birth Certificate that is printed in All Capital Letters, indicating a Fiction. Sincerely, Roger

  19. You provide such important insight and factual information about the quagmire we as a society face. I’ve seen you on the Solari report and USA watchdog and find your revelations eye opening. Thanks for putting up the good fight and let’s hope that we can come out of this relatively unscathed on the other side.

  20. I’ve been searching for truth. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share your knowledge. I too saw you on solari.com with Catherine Austin Fitts… it appears that I have a lot of catching up to do. Keep up the good fight!

  21. Congratulations on catching the notice of Steve Kirsch! Been reading your blog for a couple of months now and have learned so much. Thank you for all the work you do to share the truth.

  22. Mark just watched / listened you and Catherine on the Solari report – and YES, please I would love to learn more about core economics. Thank you for your time and energy, much light and love to you both.

      1. 6 trillion more in “missing” money is floating around in the “news” . All the usual suspects are immediately jumping on this to “debunk” it which tells me it’s probably true. Any thoughts on this?

    1. The DOD has conducted “audits” but as far as I can tell “problems” with financial reporting remain unresolved. And FASAB Standard 56 authorizes modified sets of financial statements for the public, there is no way for a citizen to determine the degree to which the books are “modified”.

      1. Mark, I will be forever grateful for all your efforts on behalf of the common man.
        Thanks! JP

  23. Your information and updates are amazing. Each time I listen to you I feel I have finally found the missing information if life that has been kept form us. As I work with my tean we are following y ou and your work. Thank you for serving the world in such a brave and authentic way.

  24. I wish my son who teaches at UCLA had your “open mind.”
    He did an “intervention” on me with my sister, her husband
    and my ex-husband so that I might come to my senses re:
    the C19 vax. Mind you, I wasn’t preaching, I simply showed
    shock when I found out that he had just shot-up my only
    grandchild (5-years-old) with the vax. That was all it took
    for him to call the intervention. The outcome was that
    he insisted I see a shrink for X amount of sessions. So I
    had to waste $1000 talking to a shrink. Oh, BTW, the
    shrink was vaccinated!

  25. “Dr Arne Burkheart; Pathologist” – what is the correct spelling name and site of this reference you use in Greg Hunter’s interview. Thank you for your time, work and sacrifice on our behalf!
    Dave Campbell

  26. Thank you so much for your tireless work and for helping us all understand what’s happening. Other than rejecting the absolute horseshit that we are fed by the media and govts, is there anything we can do, other than prayer and staying in integrity?

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