Championing Ethics and Objectivity in Biomedical Research

James Lyons Weiler: “A Critical Evaluation of ‘Study Laundering: IPAK, Antivax Scientists, and the Return of Living Dead Antivax Studies’ reveals likely bias, deceit high likelihood of intentional libelous defamation.

In an era where science and biomedical research hold immense sway over our lives, upholding the pillars of objectivity, transparency, and ethical conduct in scientific publishing is paramount. As a scientist with a long and distinguished career in biomedical research and extensive editorial experience, including key roles in esteemed journals, I have been a tireless advocate for these principles since 1999. My name is James Lyons-Weiler, I am Editor-in-Chief of the open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal, Science, Public Health Policy & the Law, and I have dedicated my professional life to ensuring that the world of science remains a beacon of integrity and trustworthiness for society. Admittedly, that goal has not proven easy in an era of profit-driven biases influencing so much of the scientific literature. Recent events brought to my attention by a colleague that requires significant attention among both professionals and the general public. This article, titled Study Laundering: IPAK, Antivax Scientists, and the Return of Living Dead Antivax Studies, requires but a minute of our scrutiny. In this analysis, I address potential bias, unethical practices, potential libel, the role of peer review, scientific integrity, and factual accuracy within the article.

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