Gaza is a huge distraction from the fact that Netanyahu has been managing TWO genocides

Mark Crispin Miller: “Israelis know that he LET Hamas slaughter them, in furtherance of the vast depopulation effort started by the ‘vaccination’ drive (a drive dictated not by Zionists, but by his GLOBALIST cohorts)”

This post contains important information and context. Highly recommended.

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One thought on “Gaza is a huge distraction from the fact that Netanyahu has been managing TWO genocides

  1. I didn’t take the vaccine and consider the whole business warp speed foolishness; and I can agree that it is easy to think that it was an effort toward depopulation. Those of us who follow the anti vaccine line are a small group that most consider dunces and most people are vaguely aware of our views if that. Those at Pfizer and Moderna are in the business of creating and selling medicines and I doubt that selling a worthwhile product is high on their priority list. Pfizer has paid billions in damages and it hasn’t made them more cautious. The congress and the FDA gave them a chance to market a product, make a lot of money and they took full advantage of it.

    I can also agree that there is a small group who strongly believe that fewer people would be better. I don’t like Biden or Trump but I don’t believe that they are diabolical mass murderers. Nor is Bibi a diabolical mass murder.

    On letting Hamas slaughter Israelis I prefer the coverage of Daniel Greenfield at For what it is worth.

    I have seen absolutely no one express the view that we owe it to ourselves to be aware of our surroundings, the various issues and facts and do our own thinking and be responsible for the outcome. The doc says to take this medicine; we can at least google side effects and decide if the risk out weighs the possible harm.

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