Russia: The United States Is at War Against Us

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov offers a fair assessment IMO.

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2 thoughts on “Russia: The United States Is at War Against Us

  1. Not surprising coming from a fellow traveler. At Martin Hutchinson put up an excellent review of so called higher education, “what should we do with higher education”.

    Most of higher education’s customers are there with a goal of achieving a larger footprint so to speak. But being in the crowd promoting smaller footprints higher education is succeeding in reducing the footprints of most of its customers i.e. they are kinda sorta giving some training in personal finance management through the student loan program.

    Poland, Czech Republic and others are members of Nato so we might just as well hash it out now in Ukraine. If Russia can make war on Ukraine, why shouldn’t it receive the means to fight back? Yes, Russia has and may use Nukes and it may use them on the U.S. But we shouldn’t IMO be cowardly about this Cowards die a thousand deaths while the valiant die but once.

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