Children from Gamete-like Cells: Dishing up a Eugenic Future by Stuart Newman and Tina Stevens

Via Jonathan Latham, Ph.D. (Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project)

Synopsis: In April, 2023, the National Academy of Sciences held a three day workshop titled “In Vitro Derived Human Gametes as Reproductive Technology: Scientific, Ethical, and Regulatory Implications”. Stuart Newman is a Professor of Cell Biology & Anatomy at New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York, and Tina Stevens Tina Stevens is Lecturer Emerita, Department of History, San Francisco State University and Director, Alliance for Humane Biotechnology. In this article the authors provide a critique of the workshop and the technology itself. They also identify the sometimes surprising individuals and institutions who are smoothing the path towards industrialised gamete production and fertilisation. These developments are happening regardless of safety and other concerns, say the authors, in particular the eugenic aspects of overtly controlled fertilisation.”

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