Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Why No One Will Debate Him on Vaccines, Not Even Peter Hotez

“Nobody in eighteen years has been willing to debate me”

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2 thoughts on “Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Why No One Will Debate Him on Vaccines, Not Even Peter Hotez

  1. Why would anyone debate him? His MMR/Autism claim is highly doubtful. Millions have taken the vaccine and relative few have developmental problems which probably are a result of the general troubles that dominate modern American life; poor family life, problems in school, can’t read and so on.

    His supporters won’t agree but his crowd are a plague on the country. The Sacketts took 15 years or more to win a permit to build on their property and at how much expense? A 9 to zero win for the Sacketts!

    Giving priority to every last fly, mosquito and oh the natural wild silver minnow! If there is a shortage of silver minnows why not grow some in a hatchery?

    The enviro crowd is an anti-humanist crowd. Maybe the vaccinators just want to do us in in a more timely manner.

    1. I am in process of learning about the risks of other vaccines, not just the new Covid gene therapeutic vaccine. I am coming to believe that RFK, Jr, is right. Listen to lawyer Aaron Siri on the issue of vaccines in general, including the Covid vaccine. That is a start. And if RFK, Jr is wrong, wouldn’t an open debate make that clear?

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