Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s Warning to the World (Covid-19 Vaccine)

This video summarizes the dangers from the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and shows that these same risks will result from the use of mRNA technology for any future vaccine, such as flu or RSV.  One of the characteristics of a healthy immune system is the ability to distinguish “self” from “non-self”.  This means that the person’s immune system can distinguish between those cells that belong to the person from cells that are foreign.  If a foreign cell enters the person’s body, the immune system will recognize that it is foreign (non-self) and will attack and kill the foreign cell.  If a person’s immune system is dysfunctional then, for certain types of dysfunction, the immune system can mistake self for non-self, and will attack cells from the person’s own body.  This is known as autoimmunity, and autoimmune diseases can result. With this background, here is the video with Dr. Bhakdi who has been warning of the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine for more than two years:


See also an Op-ed by Dr. Ronald Kostoff:


Kostoff describes how the COVID-19 injections were not designed to prevent infection or viral transmission (two key characteristics of real vaccines). Here is a summary by Kostoff:

The mRNA Covid-19 vaccines “fundamental mode of operation induces pseudo-autoimmunity and causes extensive damage throughout the body.  These effects have been confirmed by autopsies… Here is why that happens.  The injectant is composed of mRNA encased in a lipid-nanoparticle (LNP) capsule for the purpose of protecting the mRNA against the host’s immune system.  The LNP-encased mRNA is injected into the deltoid muscle, but does not remain in the deltoid muscle, as Dr. Bhakdi has stated and many measurements have shown.  Some/most of the injectant ends up in the bloodstream, depending on where the needle was injected specifically. Once in the bloodstream, the LNP-encased package can flow to any part of the body, since it was designed to avoid the immune system.  Now, the inside of the blood vessels are lined with cells known as endothelial cells, and they form the endothelial layer that prevents blood from leaking out into the surrounding tissues and organs.  When a given LNP-encased package interacts with an endothelial cell, it coalesces (combines) with the endothelial cell, and deposits the mRNA package into the endothelial cell.  Components of the cell (ribosomes) convert the mRNA to the Spike protein, as designed. This newly-formed Spike protein is expressed on the surface of the endothelial cell facing the bloodstream, where it can be seen by all the cells and other components of the bloodstream.  Some of these cells in the bloodstream are immune system cells, and their function is to identify foreign (non-self) cells and destroy them.  To these immune system cells, the endothelial cells with the foreign Spike protein expressed on the surface are foreign (non-self) cells.  Thus, the immune system cells spring into action, attack the endothelial cell with the Spike protein on the surface, and destroy it.  Thus, an endothelial cell that was once classified as a “self” cell by the immune system has been converted to a “non-self” cell by the addition of the Spike protein on the surface.  This pseudo-autoimmune process has resulted in the destruction of a once-healthy endothelial self cell. When enough of these endothelial cells have been destroyed by this pseudo-autoimmune process, the endothelial layer in that region ruptures, and allows unreacted LNP-encased packages of mRNA to enter the surrounding tissues and organs, depending on where the rupture occurs.  Through the same process of coalescing, expressing the Spike protein on the surface of the organ/tissue cells, and inducing attack by the immune system on these modified organ/tissue cells, the adjacent organs and tissues will be destroyed.  This has clearly been demonstrated in autopsies. Dr. Bhakdi raises two additional points in his latest video.  First, this pseudo-autoimmunity effect is not limited to the Spike protein.  It will occur for ANY foreign protein expressed on a cell’s surface.  Therefore, ANY mRNA-based vaccine will produce this adverse effect, whether it is for COVID-19, flu, RSV, or any infectious disease.  Some of these other application mRNA vaccines have already been developed, and many others are on the drawing board.  Second, based on recent findings by Kevin McKernan (mentioned in the video), DNA contamination has been found in every vial of COVID-19 vaccine examined by Kevin.  This means that DNA will also enter cells, and modify the genome.  According to Dr. Bhakdi, this can be passed on to offspring. It is difficult for me to see how anyone who has received doses of a functional mRNA vaccine can avoid serious damage to their tissues and organs (resulting in disease), and therefore can avoid having their lifespan reduced.  This is true of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine that many people have already received, and will be true of the flu and other mRNA vaccines that are being marketed.  With every shot, the damage will be increased, and the lifespan will be reduced further. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has been captured by the promoters of these mRNA vaccines, and these adverse effects from the vaccines are rarely reported.  But there are a few courageous people like Dr. Bhakdi, who are willing to subject themselves to the most vile attacks and harassment in order to bring this information to the public.”

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