Two hidden reasons why they warp-sped the COVID killshot over the finish line into authorization

Jon Rappaport: “They’re developing nanos that can carry and deliver drugs to every nook and cranny of the body, including the brain. They are developing nanoparticles which, when injected, act as sensors. They’ll transmit, in real time, massive amounts of data to external command centers; data on ongoing physical processes in the body. These sensors will also be able to issue orders TO the body. Your average run of the mill government bureaucrat is clueless about these two “breakthroughs.” Most of the rest of government regulators are sold-out cowards. Our first line of resistance was against the COVID shot. But we will have to resist all RNA and all nano medical products, because they’re coming. Closing our eyes and looking the other way won’t work. This shit (medically engineering human beings) has gained terrific force since the beginning of the 20th century. It has assumed that all humans are… Biological machines, and nothing more. Therefore, all humans are programmed. Therefore, they can and should be reprogrammed, in order to make a Better World. This revolution has undermined not only freedom, but all philosophy, all religion, all history, all progress of Ideas, all previous traditions. This is where we are.

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