They knew: why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?

“The unvaccinated knew what we didn’t. Some of them said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands.”

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Mark Skidmore is Professor of Economics at Michigan State University where he holds the Morris Chair in State and Local Government Finance and Policy. His research focuses on topics in public finance, regional economics, and the economics of natural disasters. Mark created the Lighthouse Economics website and blog to share economic research and information relevant for navigating tumultuous times.

8 thoughts on “They knew: why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?

  1. Blood on my hands because I refused the jab?! I think not. I figured out in 1976 that the “flu vaccines” were not good for me. I fell for the propaganda and got the swine flu “vaccine.” That put me in bed for 3 weeks so ill I could barely make it to the bathroom. Figured I would NEVER do that again. Watched folks get their annual flu shot and listened to their complaints about sore this and that. Watched them get the flue. Over the past 46 years I’ve had the flu 3 times. A few colds here and there but NOTHING like whatever I had in 1976. So listen up assholes: YOU made the decision to take an emergency use only jab. YOU made the decision to walk around with band aids on your arms like you were some kind of hero. I saw you at Costco and Kroger. YOU made the decision to support “camps” for the unvaccinated. YOU supported the politicians who wanted YOU dead. So now SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU made the decision to poison yourselves. YOU live with it!

  2. I love you Mark, but this tactical bent is f’g offensive as all get out. Talk about victim blaming & victim shaming.

    This is like blaming black people for not explaining systemic racism to white folks. Or being angry at Palestinians for not explaining to Jews how nationalist Israelis have become like the oppressive regime they most identify as their historical existential enemy. It’s like punishing post war Germans for not standing up against the Nazi’s as the March was on to conquer Europe, genociding the enemies of the state & scapegoated ethnic minorities, all, mind you, underwritten by central bankers and titans of industry in the US & the UK.

    We were ostracized, driven from social life & opportunities to work. We were cast as the perpetrators who will make grandma die by our bull-headed stubbornness & fantastic conspiracy theories. (And these zombies who proudly conformed foolishly accepted that logic!) …Despite having no power beyond our isolated spheres, having hardly a leverage point to make a difference beyond near futile civic communication without an agora to contain it, many of us risked a lot to speak up, gently and otherwise.

    I steadfastly worked to inform my family members & friends with my footnoted critique and (actually scientific) analysis only to be shunned, by some, & told my views were dangerous. Others have come around and acknowledge I was right & wise. Still others are so traumatized ad fearful that they will go to the grave refusing to accept that their society so profoundly failed them, or that they were victimized. They’s sooner believe the moon landings were faked than that Fauci could be a duplicitous liar or Rachel Maddow is a shill who doesn’t care about them.

    I purchased and distributed 12 copies of RFKjr’s book. I must have forwarded all of Whitney Webb’s articles at least 10 times each. I shared CAF & Corbett with anyone whose respect I had until I didn’t. I posted anonymously on blogs to remind readers what was at stake. I very gently and compassionately tried to describe the nature of captured MSM both online and at family zooms, with alt health practitioners, fellow bar-flies, and family when I saw them. I learned to assume a certain level of self-censorship & cultivate sly ways to break through to friends in NYC who may be amenable to quiet discussion in good faith and humor. The white & money’d people in downtown Manhattan & Brooklyn were by and large steadfastly fascistic & embraced the lockstep directives with a desperate zeal. Dissent was extremely unfashionable, as if it was my kind who caused all the problems including Trump. Some restaurants wouldn’t even allow pick up or delivery to people who could not show a card. (Looking at you, Dame on MacDougal Street, whose Fish n Chips I relished in collective “we’re in this together” support until you deemed me enemy#1 for refusing the countermeasure prototype platform.) For the winter of ’21-’22 I was shunned by my city as James Baldwin’s ‘nigger,’ so to speak, forced to endure an anemic social life in the cold outdoors – and I did it with pride. Most people, I came to discover, fear being friendless more than they fear death. Well, I have no remorse. They can have it.

    I have compassion & sorrow for the suffering of the world, but I have no regret & no remorse.

    The children who were jabbed by virtue of their parent’s consent need to forgive their parents for the profound neglect that the outsourcing of discernment represents & realize that we have all been victims of profound vampiric coercion, which continues quit robustly, by the way.

    We must fortify ourselves moving forward to be vigilant that it stops soon, is appropriately and proportionally punished, and does not happen again – though I assure you a barrage of volleys is yet to come. This WorldWarZ is on for at least another 7 years, so steel your psyches & learn to adopt a fluid manner of coping.

    I am concerned, Mark, that this line of discourse of “blame the unvaccinated” is likely a tactical PR move to demonize the very people who were not cowed into submission by totalitarian forces in the first few rounds, as it has become increasingly clear that the entire affair, beginning with the intentional release of the bio-weapon, through lockdown, the distribution of the classified mystery-jab and all the accompanying 5th generation warfare tactics (including this) is one giant military operation.

    This idea that it was me who decimated our society, rather than Gates & Fauci, and the military brass & their global partners in ontelligence & big-business, is a pernicious and evil idea. It is a lie & it is a sucker’s orthodoxy.

    So please let’s not indulge this gaslighting technique, no matter how traumatic life has become and how sad we may feel, or however bad it will get, and let’s stop it dead in its tracks. The unvaccinated SHALL NOT be rebranded as perpetrators!

    1. Fantastic post. Thank you, MHC. I posted this because there are many unvaccinated who afraid to even talk with loved ones to help preserve a life. There is so much fear. I get that we don’t want to blame the victims. And I get the many won’t listen. And I get that many have tried. But many have not tried. I felt it was worth a post to stir reflection.

      1. I hear you, Mark. Thank you.

        I’m afraid only the people who ask for help can be helped. It is not yours or anyone else’s karma to carry the suffering of others, especially those whose suffering is self-manifesting and elected of their own choosing.

        All we can do is be ready when they seek to change, recover, learn, and endure…. when the veil begins to drop for them.

        And maybe nudge them with gentle reminders every now and then that there are other ways, that no matter what happens they are forgiven for their unfortunate responses to having been so victimized, anger is not the right response, and then to be ready to listen when they come to accept that the world was never quite what they imagined it to be. Because the threshold is a traumatic one to pass through, and merits compassionate midwifery, access to knowledge, and presentation of constructive options.

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