The CEO of Pfizer resigns (not true)

“Pfizer CEO Albert Burla is stepping down and now says the mRNA technology was not sufficiently proven when they launched … He says they convinced him, but he wasn’t sure. He admits it’s not safe.”

Update 12/12/2022 (9:35 am): Two readers comment that this is an older video and there isn’t yet confirmation of the resignation. I agree…let’s see if we can learn more before concluding this is true. I have my doubts.

Updated 12/14/2022: Thanks to another reader, I think we have confirmation that this is an altered interview from nine months ago.

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7 thoughts on “The CEO of Pfizer resigns (not true)

  1. Mark, this is an old video and there is no info or press release of Bourla’s resignation.

  2. Let’s seek some reinforcing secondary sources to confirm the claim before popping the champaign corks. Doesn’t appear legit, though it sure does feed the confirmation bias muscle, I admit.

  3. The stock price pfe is actually up. I wonder if they will get away with being responsible for damages which would probably bankrupt the company. In a better age he would have already ended his own life. Wonder if ADL will withdraw recent award?

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