Wolf Howl: “Running Errands In The Wake Of Emotional Violence USA”

Below, I share links to Celia Farber’s article “Wolf Howl” along with Naomi Wolf’s
“Lost in a Small Town.” Both articles capture something I continue to struggle with. How does one deal spiritually and emotionally with all that has happened while so many continue to pretend that none of it happened? It did my soul good to read both articles this early morning. Today, I won’t post any other articles, just these two.



“All those people — now that athletes are dropping dead, now that their own loved ones are sickening and hospitalized, now that the “transmission” is known to be a lie and the vaccines’ “efficacy” itself is known to be a lie – are they — sorry? Are they reflecting upon themselves, on their actions, on their consciences; in their immortal souls; on what they have done to others; on their part in this shameful melodrama in American and world history – a time that now can never be erased?”

“Nothing. Have you seen anything like this? I haven’t. Not one conversation. Not one sign. Not one article. “My friend, I was a beast. How can you forgive me? I behaved so badly.” Have you heard that? No, nothing.”

“I don’t hear it. I don’t hear any apologies.”

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