Dr. Paul Marik on why doctors aren’t speaking out

“Here is my interview with Dr. Marik on the subject where he describes how he was personally retaliated by the medical community after he discovered early treatment work and the vaccines are unsafe. It’s really stunning. They actually had to fabricate patients who don’t exist. Note also that Dr. Marik was a believer in the COVID vaccine; he took it just like he was told. It took him months looking at the evidence before he changed his mind. I asked him in the interview, “Now that you realize the vaccines are not safe, could you have gotten it wrong this time?” He said, ‘No, the evidence is very clear.’ He regrets not having done his homework and trusting others when he took the shot. It was only after he looked at the data directly himself, he said the data was crystal clear. When he started speaking out, he was retaliated against by the medical community.”


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