The Healing Power of Fasting: A Remarkable Remedy for the Vaccine-Injured

Dr. Paul Marik: “So when you actually fast, it stimulates the cell to actually break down misfolded proteins, damaged proteins, maybe the spike protein, so it’s a way of the cell healing itself … It’s very, very powerful. And so we think if you combine intermittent fasting with ivermectin, you have a really strong mechanism of restoring the immune system.”

Tips for Fasting

  • Start with intermittent fasting; it’s a lot easier than fasting. All you have to do is prolong the period of time that you’re not eating (miss breakfast, avoid late-night snacks).
  • With water fasting, the hardest part is getting through the first two days. To help yourself do so, drink water whenever you feel the urge to eat and imagine yourself closing an internet ad for food.

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