Senator Ron Johnson Tells Dr. Nagase It’s Illegal to Investigate the Contents of the Covid Injections (Updated 5/26/2022)

Update on May 26, 2022: I am removing the link to this video due to reservations about content and messaging.

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5 thoughts on “Senator Ron Johnson Tells Dr. Nagase It’s Illegal to Investigate the Contents of the Covid Injections (Updated 5/26/2022)

  1. CORRECTION: Dr. Nagase REPORTS that Sen. Johnson told him violating IP law is illegal (because it is), Dr. Nagase fails to mention that Sen. Johnson – more than any other senator (prove me wrong) – has done more to expose the crimes of Big Pharma re: Covid, Dr. Nagasse implies the Senator believes it should be illegal to hold Pharma accountable (this is inconceivable if you know any facts of the matter,) Dr. Nagase campaigns for violent revolt, Dr. Nagase claims to consort with would-be freedom fighters, Dr. Nagase fails to recognize that the Neo-Con driven Intelligence establishment is chomping at the bit to inspire violent revolt by kicking under the table, so as to have authentic “domestic terrorism,” which they don’t have to fabricate by false flag, so that they can institute marshall law, tighter, more invasive surveillance in order to “protect us,” SO if Mr. Nagase is not a deep state shill, we should treat him as one, becausr he is clearly working to move their dystopic agenda forward.

      1. Any idea about Nagase’s credentials, bonefides, or his potential grooming as an intelligence/DOD asset in his past? If he’s for real, he desperately needs to turn off the TV, stop consorting with would-be “terrorists” & read more Whitney Webb. He severely needs to focus on pubicizing and proving his claims about his vaccine field research, rather than fomenting violence. Those are heavy claims he needs to back up persuasively. He’s wildly neglecting his responsibility to science, as it is. Who can hold his feet to the fire constructively?

  2. Dr. Nagase is a fool. The way to stop the immanent emergency is to not participate in it, see through it, and campaign for people in the establishment to enforce the constitution. The sooner we give up our civil liberties by resorting to “terrorism,” by any name, the sooner we become cyborg slaves under CBDC Central Banking regime policed the world over by automated private security. As John Lennon sagely advised: ‘The moment you resort to violence, they know exactly what to do with you, and the battle is over.’
    Mr. Nagase needs to do his nano-particle research – if he is truly capable of it, and not a complete fraud – and show everyone his well documented results in a methodical, authentic way, instead of cheerleading as if he’s animated by Don Rumsfeld’s ghost. Don’t be a blatant spook, Dr. Nagase. Do the right thing and break the law yourself, if you are even remotely for real.

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