Excess Mortality Hitting New Highs: Canada’s Data Reaffirms That More Jabs Equals More Death

Edward Dowd: “The two provinces that are the most updated are British Columbia and Ontario, the most populous provinces. That data shows a continued [trend of] not only elevated excess mortality but [also] hitting new highs into the end of the year. And so, what I want to say about that is it’s just confirmatory of what we’ve already discovered.”

Two minute clip: https://rumble.com/v154xya-excess-mortality-hitting-new-highs-canadas-data-reaffirms-that-more-jabs-eq.html?mref=16emn&mrefc=19

Full Video: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/05/trust-the-science-fraud-is-now-getting-the-attention-of-wall-street-edward-dowd-joins-dr-naomi-wolf-video-interview/

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