China Feihe Unveiled Share Repurchase Plan to Offset Share Price Decline Due to Chairman’s Forecast that COVID-19 Vaccination Will Reduce Baby Powdered Milk Sales

“China Feihe (6186) unveiled a share repurchase plan yesterday, after the infant milk producer’s share price was battered by its chairman’s forecast that Covid-19 vaccination would hurt powdered milk sales…This came after chairman Leng Youbin said he expected a steep drop in powdered milk sales in the coming one or two years, since many parents can not prepare for pregnancy within six months after getting the Covid-19 vaccination, according to mainland media reports.”

(Note: It is unclear to me whether this is a voluntary delay on the part of parents due to safety concerns or a result of the injection itself.)

Feihe in US$200m buyback as shares plunge | The Standard

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