Fauci — Roughly Half of NIH Employees Have Chosen Not to Get Vaccine…

This is so far…

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One thought on “Fauci — Roughly Half of NIH Employees Have Chosen Not to Get Vaccine…

  1. Note the subtle spin …”refusing the vaccine”… Replace the word refusing with opting out and your perception of the situation will likely change.

    I imagine The Refusers exercised their God given sovereignty and decided to “opt out.” “Refused” is customary medical system jargon used to pressure patients by imposing shame for disobeying a doctor or these days anyone in a lab coat. If a doctor says something like, “You need a tetanus shot to bring your schedule up to speed” and you say no thank you, they write “Refused” in you chart. What a nightmare. My medical chart grade must be something like F- .

    It’s likely that NIH & CDC offered comp time to employees to go and get the jab during working hours and there were facilities on campus within a five minute walk. No cost, no hassle. Hmmm, even with all the incentives they still “refused.”

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