The Blue Car and the Red Car

I was recently thinking back to when I was about seven years old and had the special opportunity to play a new video game, a two-car race, with my brother.  There was a blue car and a red car.   When we began, for some reason I believed I was driving the red car.  The race started and I was off!  Or so I thought.  People around me were saying, “Mark, I think you are the blue car.”  But I was certain I was the red car.  After all, every time I turned the wheel the red car turned too, seemingly at my command.  I was sure I was right for some time.  Half-way through the race I got this sinking feeling that indeed I was the blue car. By the time I made the mental adjustment and started to successfully maneuver the blue car, the race was over, and I was a good bit embarrassed.

When I interact with people about the “pandemic” and health crisis, I am often surprised at the contrast between their interpretation of verifiable facts with mine.  It makes me think that one or perhaps both of us thinks we are successfully driving the red car when actually bumping around in the blue car!  If things weren’t so darn serious, I would have a good laugh about it.  As it stands now, I still laugh to myself…with no ill-will toward those who have an entirely different interpretation of what we are all experiencing.  After all, I could very well be the one bumping around unproductively.  Nevertheless, many lives and our freedoms are at stake, and the outcomes depend greatly on our perceptions and actions. The stakes are high. 

To be honest, at times I am not sure how best to move forward except try to be flexible, share information, watch, and try to adjust one’s views as things develop.  I try to my best to stand on firm principles and oppose any encroachment on our fundamental God-given liberties.

Here is what I am watching for.  If Drs. Bhakdi and Yeadon and other knowledgeable scientists/physicians are right, by the end of the year we may begin to see the emergence of second-order health problems among the vaccinated.  Once the Pfizer mRNA vaccine is approved for regular use (perhaps by mid-summer), a host of subnational governments, educational institutions, schools, and corporations will impose mandatory vaccination policies.  It has already starting to happen.  As described here, Delta Airlines leaders say they won’t hire anybody who hasn’t received the experimental mRNA gene therapy.  Isn’t this a violation of the Nuremberg Code? 

Here in the U.S. and globally, I think there will be a significant push to adopt digital vaccine/health passports as people will be required to verify their health status and thus be allowed to engage in life more fully.  I anticipate that the unvaccinated will be restricted in significant ways.  Thankfully for many including me, 11 states have outlawed mandatory “vaccination” (experimental gene therapy) and vaccine passports.  I also expect that people will be asked to get regular “vaccine” updates (at least annually) to combat variants, etc.  Pfizer is already signaling a need for a third shot.  Won’t it be fun when you aren’t allowed into a venue because don’t yet have the latest experimental gene therapy update? I tell those who have already been vaccinated that just because they have been vaccinated this time around doesn’t mean they can’t shift their position…one can hop off the vaccination train anytime.  However, now that we have allowed things to progress as far as they have, refusing your next update may come at a cost.  Below, I provide links to a smattering of articles on “vaccine” passports: (Israel very restrictive…perhaps the model for the world)

I also think that the digital health ID/passport systems will eventually be integrated with the coming blockchain-based digital currency systems that are currently being developed by all major countries of the world.  China is leading, but the UK, EU, US, Japan, and Switzerland are on the same path. I don’t have a timeline on when this will happen, but I don’t think it will be too long.

This link ( will take you to a pending patent by Microsoft (patent #060606. Yes, 666, no joke) that was submitted in March 2020, which links digital/cryptocurrency to bodily activity.

All of this seems like an efficient way to go if you have faith in the institutions that are building and will manage the digital control grid.  Is this not a tremendous amount of power to wield?  Will we emerge from the “pandemic” as a new healthier and more equitable society or will it be hell on earth, especially for the non compliant? I do not want to contribute to the construction of my own prison.

When I look at all of these unprecedented developments, I see that the motivation for the current crisis is control and, to some degree, money.  I think some key objectives are to more systematically harvest our health and eventually all our data (there is big money in data), implement unprecedented surveillance, and ultimately tighten the control over society.  

I also believe there is a race a between the failure of the current dying financial system and the adoption of a new blockchain-based digital currency/financial system that will replace it.  Every financial regime has a life cycle…I think the current debt-growth driven economy is coming to an end.  It has lasted longer than I thought it would…and it may have more time.  Will we have yet another major financial crisis before they can get a new system in place?  Right now, many $ trillions of borrowing and money printing are keeping the things duct-taped together.  Most people do not know that the wheels started coming off the global financial system months before the COVID crisis.  Then the pandemic hit, justifying many $ trillions in borrowing and money printing…very few complained…it is a pandemic after all.  It is very interesting to map out what institutions/people are getting the printed money.  Who would of thought that so many would be so happy that the government is borrowing more than $6 trillion in two years where a majority is funded by printed money?

There is so much going right now on that is completely transforming society…I could be wrong about all of it. I am in the wilderness without a GPS system or even a compass…I do my best to triangulate and find key markers to guide my path.  In the face of all the uncertainty, I lean on my core principles/values that include preserving basic human freedoms given by God and guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

I hope I have it all wrong and would be relieved and happy to admit it if it all turns out ok, perhaps embarrassed like I was when I was a kid.  Perhaps what many call a “plandemic” is better than the alternative (possibly WWIII), which could cost far more lives (and maybe the whole world) than we are seeing lost in the current incoherent scenario.  For me and many others, all the deceptions create massive dissonance.

I believe this recent video by James Corbett helps us all to see that the “health crisis” isn’t mainly about health, but rather money and control.  If you think that the “health crisis” is primarily about health, I encourage you to consider the possibility that you just might be driving the blue car. 

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