Topic Editors of Frontiers in Pharmacology for the Special Issue “Treating COVID-19 with Currently Available Drugs” Resign in Protest

Four Guest Editors resigned over the egregious treatment of two manuscripts (“REVIEW OF THE EMERGING EVIDENCE DEMONSTRATING THE EFFICACY OF IVERMECTIN IN THE PROPHYLAXIS AND TREATMENT OF COVID-19” and the original research manuscript “HOSPITALIZED COVID-19 PATIENTS TREATED WITH CELECOXIB AND HIGH DOSE FAMOTIDINE ADJUVANT THERAPY SHOW SIGNIFICANT CLINICAL RESPONSES”). Both papers received favorable peer reviews, and yet the papers sat for months unaddressed and then were ultimately rejected. A strong case could be made many COVID-19 patients died unnecessarily due to the delays and ultimate rejection of these papers. The letter concludes: “On behalf of our peers, our institutions, and our scientific and medical colleagues we cannot allow this precedent to remain unchallenged. In our opinion, these unfortunate events constitute gross editorial misconduct by ‘Frontiers’.” The full letter is available in the link below:

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