Push Back–Montana Senate Advances Bill Banning Vaccine Requirements

Go Montana! https://apnews.com/article/health-government-and-politics-bills-montana-religion-321f28730b53ebe9a097ed53a69378a2

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2 thoughts on “Push Back–Montana Senate Advances Bill Banning Vaccine Requirements

  1. I personally find this type of journalism so frustrating….in 376 words IRIS SAMUELS managed to omit one of the most important items…the link to or at the very least the legislation number! To only reference the legislation as “a measure” or “bill” and not including the actual legislation to me is a huge act of omission. I say this because the time needed to look up and read the referenced legislation is more time consuming which maybe what is wanted, I don’t know it is a very common practice these days. Thank you rant is over!

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