Conversations with Alison McDowell and Shai Dan On on Israel’s “Green Pass,” Bio-Tech, and Impact Investing

(From McDowell’s website) People are growing increasingly concerned about the roll out of medical status “pass” systems around the world. Those who follow Alison’s work understand the broader intent behind coerced adoption of biometric digital identities is to link individuals and communities to smart sensor networks, digital currency, and impact investing – human capital futures markets in measurable behavior change tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a “start-up nation” that is now transitioning to becoming an “impact nation” and a “digital nation,” Israel, along with Silicon Valley, developed many tools in the social impact investor’s tool kit. The paradigm of the good digital e-citizen managed within a global biosecurity state is emergent. There is nowhere to escape it, especially in the countries that played instrumental roles in building it. In Israel financiers like Sir Ronald Cohen are using the cultural framework of Tikkun Olam, to heal the world, to advance stakeholder capitalism tied to surveillance, artificial intelligence, and bionformatics. This is a scorched path. Healing must be done another way. It won’t happen through digital identity and certainly not through “Green Pass” medical geo-fencing.

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