Mapping mRNA “Vaccine”/Gene Therapy Adverse Impacts

This resource provides up to date information and mapping of mRNA “vaccine”/gene therapy of adverse health events, including deaths.

Adverse events are expected to increase with the second dose. And we don’t yet know for sure what long term effects will be in terms of pathogenic priming and fertility. These longer term concerns are acknowledged but not tested. We are all in a big experiment. The link also includes media references and videos of people who have experienced adverse reactions (unless they are dead). They want people to be aware of the risks and are thus willing to share a video showing their condition. As an economist, I am trained to weigh the benefits against the costs/risks of any given decision. According to CDC data, survival rate of the current version of the coronavirus is 99.75%, which is similar to the typical flu. Young people are especially resilient and yet Los Angeles schools are requiring children to take the experimental mRNA gene therapy. The risks as documented here are substantial. Further, the experimental mRNA “vaccine” treatment is not expected to create immunity or prevent transmission. It has only be tested for reducing symptoms. Finally, there are other low cost, safe, and effective treatments that we, by and large, do not administer (HCQ and Ivermectin). When I weight benefits against the potential risks/costs, my decision about whether or not to participate in the experiment is clear.

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