Chaos at the Capitol

I thought I was prepared for the chaos that is occurring this week, but frankly I was not.  I am pretty shaken up about it all.  While it is fuzzy to me about what exactly happened at the Capitol yesterday, it all seems very orchestrated and manipulated.  Twitter shutdown Trump’s account for encouraging violence.  This link will take you to an article that provides at least some of the tweets that were deleted in which Trump is clearly encouraging non-violence.

The media is characterizing the protesters as a “mob” and as “thugs” egged on by Trump. The evidence presented in the article above does not support this assertion. There were as many as a million people in DC last night–most were vigorously but peacefully protesting. However, some got through the police barrier and broke into the Capitol building. This video seems to show that some of the police appear to allow some of the protesters through the barricade…not sure what to make of this but its worth watching. Why are the police allowing some protesters through?

Jon Rappoport of No More FakeNews asks whether the event was a staged false flag. I’ve learned the one must keep all possibilities on the table for consideration. 

Also, remember that Trump supporters believe there was massive election fraud and are thus rightfully protesting. I encourage you to review the evidence regarding this issue before you make a final judgement on the protesters. There are many places you can find evidence of voter fraud in this and previous elections. The link below will take you to one very good source for this time around.

As I ponder all that is happening in our country, I found this article by Robert Bridge to be a helpful summary of the state of affairs.

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