Scholars Offer Contrasting Views of the mRNA Vaccine

Professor Shane Crotty of the La Jolla Institute is interviewed about safety and efficacy of the new mRNA vaccine. In this interview he provides some useful information, indicating that the new mRNA vaccines instruct human cells to produce viral proteins and thus induce the body to protect against the coronavirus. In the interview, he says that this new type of vaccine is very safe in the short-term and long-term, though there hasn’t been enough time to assess long-term safety and there are now numerous cases of health problems emerging among some who have been vaccinated. He also said that there is nothing else in the vaccine serum other than a saline solution. Note that much of his research is funded by the National Institute of Health/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (Dr. Fauci is Director), though this is not at all uncommon. In April, the La Jolla Institute received a grant from the Gates Foundation. Receiving funding from organizations such as these does not disqualify, but it is important to be aware of funding sources and thus potential bias. You can access the 35 minute interview here…I think it is worth listening to and then contrasting with what other scholars have to say. Below, I will post an interview with Dr. Bhakdi who offers a contrasting assessment.

The link below will take you to an interview with Dr. Bhakdi, a virologist and highly respected scholar who describes the rollout of the new mRNA vaccine as “the biggest experiment ever done”. In his assessment, the risks are substantial. Dr. Bhakdi describes the mRNA vaccine as shooting the virus gene into the body such that it enters into cells. These cells are then instructed by the vaccine to produce the virus protein. The cells produce the virus protein and then expel the unwanted waste of the protein. The body’s “killer lymphocytes” recognize the waste and proceed to kill all the cells that produced the waste. He goes on to say that the mRNA vaccine is planting the seed for an autoimmune reaction. He says this is “horrifying” and he will not take this vaccine as the risks of generating autoimmune problems are substantial. Dr. Bhakdi is now retired and thus I do not think he receives any funding for his work, though he may receive some revenues from his new book.

As the vaccine is being rolled out, we are seeing a number of health problems emerge…I have posted some of these reports on my blog. I will not re-post here, but is worth reviewing and taking note of reactions to vaccine contents that recipients are experiencing, including significant allergic reactions.

There is no short-cut in understanding the risks associated with the new mRNA and DNA vaccines. I have tried to make it easier for you to triangulate and assess from different sources, but it takes time to sort through. I believe this is essential and well worth one’s time…your well being as well as the well being of your children depend on your understanding. One last note, at the end of his interview Dr. Crotty says that we are in the midst of of a major health crisis, and encourages everyone to be vaccinated. However, he does not cite CDC data showing that the survival rate of COVID-19 is about 99.75%, which is similar to a typical flu season. He also fails to mention that other effective low cost treatments are available for those who are at greater risk of severe illness. For example, see this peer reviewed study on the effectiveness of HCQ:

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