Cases of Adverse Reactions to mRNA Vaccine

Cases of adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccine are emerging. This link will take you to an article by the Children’s Health Defense Fund that describes adverse reactions by two healthcare workers with no known previous allergic reactions.

This link will take you to a report about a nurse in Tennessee who passed out after receiving the vaccine, though it is not clear why she fainted ( As with any health intervention, we will should carefully monitor and report on both the benefits the costs/risks.

As a point of contrast, recently Yale Professor of Epidemiology Dr. Harvey Risch testified about the effectiveness and safety of early outpatient HCQ treatment for COVID-19 ( Also note that the executive editor of the British Medical Journal recently said in relation to the COVID-19 response: “Science is being suppressed political gain.”

Why are we suppressing safe and effective treatments of COVID-19?

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