RFK, Jr. Responds to Instagram’s Removal of His Account

I have found Robert F. Kennedy and the Children’s Health Defense to offer research-based information about matters that affect the health of children.

“Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of democracy. Children’s Health Defense and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. provide critically needed information on environmental culprits, including vaccines, that are linked to many chronic diseases that now affect 54% of America’s children. Dr. Anthony Fauci has made it clear that young children will be included in COVID-19 vaccination plans even though children have almost zero risk of serious COVID-19 illness. CHD feels strongly that children should not take on 100% risks of vaccine injuries with 0% benefit.

Dr. Stella Immanuel Demands Apology after Studies Prove She Was Right on HCQ

How many lives would have been saved from COVID-19 if we had listened to Dr. Immanuel (and many other doctors) and administered the safe and effective HCQ? Somehow, I am certain that no apology will be coming.


Trump’s Defense Team Present Closing Arguments

The impeachment hearing came to a close today and there weren’t enough votes to impeach Trump. The video below offers a clip of Trump’s defense team closing arguments, a glimpse of the other side of the story you won’t hear on MSM.

The New Normal Documentary

This excellent new video by Happen.network offers a wide angle perspective on what has happened with COVID and the lockdowns and what may happen in what is called the “new normal” The video is both troubling and hopeful at the same time. We all have a role in determining how the future will unfold. What will happen next? (Well worth 55 minutes of your time)