One Church Fights Back against COVID-19 Lockdowns

This article challenges church leaders and Christians to “fear not” (a phrase that is used over and over again in the bible) and for church leaders to push back against church closures over fears of a virus that has a survival rate of 99.8% for healthy people: The author asserts that church as a whole has been too “nice”.

One example of a church that is is pushing back is Harborview Fellowship in Gig Harbor, Washington. Harborview Fellowship is suing Washington State Governor Inslee over the unconstitutionality of placing restrictions on religious gatherings. You can read about the case here:

Donations to help cover legal expenses can be sent to: Harborview Fellowship, 4819 Hunt St NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335. Please write “support for legal case” on your check.

And for some truthy levity on the restrictions, some of will enjoy (whereas others will be angered!) by this video “A Communist Christmas” by AwakeWithJP. Don’t watch if you don’t want to be offended:

Congress Readies to Pass $2.3 Trillion Spending and Virus Relief Package, Including $740 Billion for National Defense

Congress is expected to pass a $1.4 billion omnibus bill that includes $740 billion in defense spending, plus an additional $900 billion in COVID-19 relief.

The bill is 5600 pages long…legislators will not have time to read the document before voting.

Investigative reporter Derrick Broze has prepared a more detailed evaluation of what is in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Of concern, the NDDA includes authorization to hold U.S. citizens indefinitely without a right to trial, and will make it more difficult to implement planned troop drawdowns overseas.

Keep in mind that the spending bill is dependent on the Federal Reserve’s agreement to provide support via money printing. My rough guess is that at least $1 trillion of the spending package will be funded by the Fed through government bond purchases. Without such support, the government would have to raise interest rates to attract bond buyers, which in turn would lead to an increase in government interest payments as well as reduce the value of investment portfolios and pension funds that hold government securities. The financial system needs money printing in order to sustain itself…for how long can we continue such an approach?

The Biggest Experiment Ever Done

Highly respected virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, offers another careful assessment of COVID-19, the body’s natural immune response, and how the mRNA vaccine represents “the biggest experiment ever done” on the human population. Please watch this interview before taking the new experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

The Great Reset

In the wake of the COVID-19 lock downs and associated global crisis, the influential World Economic Forum (WEF) is marketing something called the “The Great Reset”. Because this group is backed by very wealthy and influential people/organizations, it is important to understand their vision for the future and then decide whether this is the future you want. As discussed in this link, the WEF vision includes ideas such as “You’ll own nothing and be happy” I wonder who will own everything if we don’t…their vision documents don’t explicitly address this question but we can figure it out.

James Corbett of The Corbett Report and Patrick Wood of Technocracy News have each done a great job summarizing the Great Reset:

3150 People Adversely Affected by the Pfizer Vaccine

Reporting this as addition information for evaluating the vaccine cost vs. benefit calculation. (

To my knowledge, there have been no adverse reactions to HCQ when given in the appropriate dosage, which has been shown to be a very effective COVID-19 Treatment (

Money Printing to Continue Globally, but How Long Can It Last?

This article discusses the European Central Bank’s ongoing corporate bond buying program, which has driven yields into negative territory. Forty-one percent of all IG Bonds now have a negative yield! (

On a related note, the U.S. government appears to have approved an additional $900 billion stimulus package to help shore up the flailing economy. My guess is that nearly all of the package will be funded by Federal Reserve money printing. (

Excellent Documentary on U.S. Voter Fraud in 2020

Regardless of one’s political leanings, I think we all agree that integrity of voting and truthful reporting are two necessary conditions of representative democracy. This documentary by the investigative reporting team of Joshua Philip and The Epoch Times navigates the entire election in swing states and elsewhere, documenting evidence of strange incidents with mail-in ballots, Dominion voting systems, the improper election reporting of election results by the mainstream media, etc. While there is considerable evidence of significant election fraud in past Presidential elections, the evidence of massive fraudulent activity this year is overwhelming. The video is well worth your time–make your own assessment once you’ve seen the well-documented evidence.

You can also try the links below, but they seem to have been removed or disabled, at least when I tried them:  –  Epoch Times Special Reports / Programs

Governed by Demonic Spirit or Divine Intelligence – Catherine Austin Fitts

Greg Hunter interviews my friend and collaborator on figuring out what is going on with $21 trillion in federal government unsupported transactions. Though the things she asserts in this interview seem astounding, I have found her assessments to be spot on. In this interview, she says “The question is: are we going to be hyper-materialistic governed by a demonic spirit? Or, are we going to be sovereign individuals governed by a divine intelligence? Those are the two visions.” (

Cases of Adverse Reactions to mRNA Vaccine

Cases of adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccine are emerging. This link will take you to an article by the Children’s Health Defense Fund that describes adverse reactions by two healthcare workers with no known previous allergic reactions.

This link will take you to a report about a nurse in Tennessee who passed out after receiving the vaccine, though it is not clear why she fainted ( As with any health intervention, we will should carefully monitor and report on both the benefits the costs/risks.

As a point of contrast, recently Yale Professor of Epidemiology Dr. Harvey Risch testified about the effectiveness and safety of early outpatient HCQ treatment for COVID-19 ( Also note that the executive editor of the British Medical Journal recently said in relation to the COVID-19 response: “Science is being suppressed political gain.”

Why are we suppressing safe and effective treatments of COVID-19?