The People in the UK Are Helping to Create Their Own Prison (REVISED BASED ON READER COMMENT)

These two articles highlight how in the UK people support vaccine passports to go to the pub and are happy to snitch on lockdown violators. Somehow, we need to help help reverse the misinformation so that people can make better decisions. (A reader offered this comment, which I think is important and encouraging: “I don’t believe these polls. They are easily manipulated. I live in the UK and I marched on the 20th of March with 100k people who oppose passports and all other covid restrictions. Like all covid restrictions – there’s no transparency. Who did they ask these questions to? How many people did they ask? There’s no substance.“)

Negative COVID Tests for Sale on the Dark Web and Fake Vaccine Certificates Spotted Online

People will find a way around rules they don’t believe in.

The “Unvaccinated” Question

CJ Hopkins offers another excellent article on what is to be done with the unvaccinated reality deniers. Worth a careful read. I read it three times. Hopkins is rightly concerned that the unvaccinated will be “segregated, criminalized, or diagnosed as sociopathic or otherwise psychiatrically disordered.” Read his article and then read the following two articles that describe mainstream descriptions of deniers as “idiots” for opposing vaccine passports and that vaccine passports will “break the resistance down.”