USA Watchdog: Financial System is Fake La La Land — Dr. Mark Skidmore

Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore revealed three years ago there was $21 trillion in what he called “Missing Money” from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  To hide what was going on with the federal books, Congress made all government accounting a national security issue, making it impossible to get real accounting of money “We the People” pay in taxes.  Now, even more unofficial and unaccounted for cash has been revealed from the DOD.  It’s an eye popping $94 trillion from the years 2017 to 2019.  So, add in the $30 trillion in official debt, and that means there is at least $145 trillion in overt and covert money floating around in the federal government, not counting Social Security and Medicare commitments.  This story sounds like a fantasy or a cartoon, but it’s totally backed up with facts you will never hear on the legacy media.  Dr. Skidmore, who is an expert in public budgets, explains, “In my mind, it does not follow the principles laid out in our Constitution in accounting for revenues coming in and expenditures going out.  It’s fraudulent in my mind.”

Financial System Fake La La Land – Dr. Mark Skidmore | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

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