Forget the Fed: Here Comes Another Helicopter

The U.S. Treasury has an extra $1 trillion in unspent funds from the last stimulus injection. Why did we need another $1.9 trillion package when we had extra $1 trillion? Why do we need even more money printing…why all injections? Is the financial system and economy now fully dependent on massive liquidity injections to keep is going?

More on “Insider” Vaccine Developer Dr. Boussche

Here is some important information regarding Dr. Boussche that I think is very helpful for assessment of his comments.

It Is Time to Remove the Debt Barrier to Economic Growth

Michael Hudson and Paul Craig Roberts make the case that debt forgiveness (or debt jubilee–a biblical concept) is needed in order for the economy to become healthier again. While I believe a first order priority to is reestablish rule of law at all levels government and sectors of the economy, this is a idea worth consideration.