GameStop Hearing Exposes a Sick Business Model Destined to Exacerbate Wealth Inequality in America

Pam Martens and Russ Martens of Wall Street have an excellent article on how Robinhood uses behavioral tools to encourage people to trade all while the real customer is Citadel who buys Robinhood order-flow. From the hearing:

“So on the specifics, when people sign up they get a scratch-off ticket to see what they get; confetti falls every time they place an order; they get push notifications; they’re encouraged to trade; if a friend signs up they get a free stock. On and on. Why have you added specific gaming design elements to look like gambling to your app that encourages more frequent trading?”

More Severe COVID “Vaccine” Injuries While the Vatican Makes Vaccination Mandatory

The COVID Blog reports 12 people become deaf and five become blind after receiving the Pfizer experimental mRNA shots. Others develop a rare blood disorder. Meanwhile the Vatican makes the experimental COVID shot mandatory…amazing.

Hawaii Begins Use of COVID Vaccine Passports

I expect other states to follow and soon the federal government will adopt a standard approach to implementing vaccine passports. Those who plan to rely on safe and effective HCQ and Ivermectin to treat COVID will increasingly be faced with restrictions, whereas those who take the experimental vaccine will be allowed greater freedoms.

EPA Approves Chemical ‘Air Treatment’ Against COVID, Despite Known Health Hazards

Georgia and Tennessee are first states to gain approval to diffuse a chemical known to trigger asthma and other serious respiratory illnesses throughout government buildings, healthcare and food processing facilities and intrastate transportation.

UK Health Ministers Pressuring Boris Johnson to Introduce ‘Domestic Passports’ to Enter Cinemas, Live Events

I expect such “vaccine passports” to be implement in the UK and eventually in other countries including the United States. But there will be push back as people voice their concerns and vote with their feet.

COVID Pandemic Is the Result of Public Authorities Blocking Effective Treatment

Paul Craig Roberts offers an excellent summary of how public authorities have blocked effective treatments for COVID, which has result in many thousands of unnecessary fatalities. Why would authorities block effective treatments?