Eric Weinstein Describes the Fight Not to Yield Reality to the Corporate Neofascists

I plan to listen to this 20 minute clip several times. There are so many important nuggets of truth Weinstein so eloquently describes. I cannot recommend that you take the time more highly.

Eric Weinstein Reacts To Sam Harris On Modern Wisdom – YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Eric Weinstein Describes the Fight Not to Yield Reality to the Corporate Neofascists

  1. I don’t see where he is all that brilliant. AOC is not old but she is not an improvement over the old timers cluttering up the leadership. She may well be worse. Oldsters drilling holes in the life raft? The plain truth is that many old timers are very ill prepared for retirement.

    A major improvement IMO would be to get the government completely out of medicine and health care. 20% of GDP for health care and casket makers are selling 5 ft caskets in bulk! 5ft caskets are an extremely sad sight especially when brought on intentionally by people in officialdom.

  2. Interesting that Weinstein is a mathematician, must be the same magnet that seems to pull MD’s to politics. Equally interesting, as I pull on the Eric Weinstein thread is what might be termed “close connection” to ever lurking political activist Peter Thiel. A refresher Thiel’s Palantir’s first backer was the Central Intelligence Agency’s venture capital arm In-Q-Tel. Senator J D Vance OH (R) hails from Mithril Capital Management another Theil venture cap firm. Theil’s finger prints via Narya Capital think JD Vance, Thiel-Backed Video Platform Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million to Switch From Spotify. What was that book about the CIA in media lol!

    I’m having a hard time broad stroking the whole interview since the use of a label or word “malinformation” seems to be form the crux of Weinstein’s position.

    2018 UNESCO original usage is “Mal-information: Information that is based on reality, used to inflict harm on a person, social group, organization or country.”

    Wikipedia definitions per previous link “information that stems from the truth but is often exaggerated in a way that misleads and causes potential harm.”[3] Malinformation usually entails a change of context, such as time, space, or privacy”

    Weinstein’s use that he defined as “actual information but it’s harmful ….

    While Weinstein’s and the UNESCO’s seem to come from the same core, that the information is real, UNESCO’s shows term that is a weapon to inflect harm, thus we have a victim.

    My conclusion is ‘malinformation’ is a label, just missing the “ism”.
    Once the argument is labeled, facts or “actual information” doesn’t matter any more, as the efforts to convey facts somehow slide into the depths of defending against the “label”. At it’s core, it always seems to boil down to us vs them, red vs blue, your team vs my team, my department vs your department. In part that seems to be where this video ends up as well….defending against a label from another team or group.

    Chris Williamson (9:08) right… the equivalent of Politically Incorrect Incarnation” oh geeze!

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