Wikipedia Is an Information Warfare Tool

For many of us, this is already known.


  • Wikipedia is the most biased encyclopedia in history, having been hijacked by U.S. intelligence, industry and the political establishment years ago
  • According to Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger, U.S. intelligence has been manipulating the online encyclopedia since at least 2008, if not longer
  • Sanger noticed a bias creeping in around 2006, particularly in areas of science and medicine. Around 2010, he noticed that articles about Eastern Medicine were being changed to reflect blatantly biased positions, using “dismissive epithets” to paint this ancient tradition as quackery
  • Over-the-top kind of establishment bias includes Wikipedia’s assertion that the Ukraine-Biden scandal is a conspiracy theory designed to undermine Biden, even though evidence of Biden’s corruption has been made public
  • One explanation for why ideological bias has taken over Wikipedia is that it’s intentionally being used as a propaganda tool by intelligence agencies and the globalist establishment that is seeking to establish a One World Government. To succeed, they can’t allow a multitude of dissenting viewpoints to proliferate, and intelligence agencies are working together to disseminate and uphold the Deep State’s narratives worldwide

Wikipedia Is an Information Warfare Tool (

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One thought on “Wikipedia Is an Information Warfare Tool

  1. Wiki is very biased and has been for years. IMO the bias is mainly from just the lefty crowd. I don’t look to Wiki for information on matters of health, medicine and so on. but if there is official bias planted there it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I can’t provide a link but Martin Hutchinson, economist, “The Bear’s Lair” has opined that historical information at Wiki is reasonably accurate.

    The “agenda” must be very important to the lefty crowd because the incessant false information must hurt business and impede contributions.

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