School District Weaponizes “Psychosis” Against Hero Teacher

“A psychiatrist and school district weaponize the diagnosis “psychosis” to undermine and harm protestors against the COVID narrative.” (Must read IMO. Important development)

“In a school district on Long Island, New York, a psychiatrist hired by a school district has declared a middle school teacher to have a “severe psychosis” based on her refusal to go along with students being forced to wear masks. A confirmation of her severe psychosis, he also cited her supposedly too-zealous Christian determination to oppose the mandates and her related belief that there is serious evil behind the abuse of humans under the guise of treating COVID-19.Our hero’s name is Noelle Florio, a wife, mother, and highly respected teacher for 17 years without a blemish on her record the entire time. When Noelle contacted me and told me her story, I volunteered to be her pro bono medical expert.At the school district hearing, my detailed report was rejected, including my conclusion that the psychiatrist gave this dreadful diagnosis because of his own biases and that Noelle’s stress was a normal response to her circumstances, including how the school district was reacting to her. Based largely on the psychiatrist’s findings, the school district has now permanently fired her. Noelle had already endured two years without pay. She had an attorney for her hearing, but because of the costs and her unemployment, she is now writing her own appeals without benefit of counsel.We sat down with Noelle Florio for our weekly Pulse radio show. It was our privilege to interview her.”

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