Unusual Geographic Patterns in Reported Covid Vaccine Injury

A reader of my website recently reminded me of the excellent website How Bad Is My Batch, wherein one can search for reported Covid vaccine injuries by zip code (the website has many other excellent resources too).

As an example, the reader noted extreme disparities in the rates of reported injury within the cities of Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Dallas:

74104, St. John Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma: A person receiving a vaccine at this location would have had a 2300x greater chance of an adverse event had the person taken the shot at St. John Hospital versus a pharmacy across town.   

73104, Oklahoma University Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The medical center has the same patient population, but the batches vary dramatically in terms of adverse events.

Finally, look at the very high rate of injury in zip code 75235, Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Is this simply luck of the draw or targeted bad batches being delivered and administered by certain hospitals? Very troubling…

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