Turbo Cancer and mRNA Vaccines with Oncologist and Radiologist, Dr. William Makis

“According to a Harvard study in September 2022, cancer rates are spiking in those under the age of 50. There are many reports of all-cause cancer rates soaring available on cancer.org. In cases regarding leukemia and glioblastomas, oncologists are reporting rapid cancer growth leading to faster morbidity than what was seen before the pandemic. There are no studies that are using autopsies to determine if this is related to long-covid or mRNA shots. Research papers are focused on the environment, diet, and genetics. Oncologists around the world are being caught off guard. Previously they had time to put a plan in place. Now cancers in remission are roaring back, and there is little time to treat before the cancer has taken the life of a patient. The layman’s term for this is Turbo Cancer.”

Click here for more detail and the audio interview.

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