Enormous List Of Post-Vaccine SUICIDES: Extremely Terrifying Trend Emerges

Very troubling reports….

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One thought on “Enormous List Of Post-Vaccine SUICIDES: Extremely Terrifying Trend Emerges

  1. Yes, this is very upsetting to listen to these stories and I wish I could do something about it; but my experience or opinion is irrelevant, most likely, to most of these people. First, I’m 73, white, live in the South, considered far right and an extreme anti-vaxxer. I talked myself almost blue in the face with the leftists in my family. My two sons and their children were never jabbed but both of their millennial wives got at least one jab. My daughter is completely alienated from us after my wife refused to get vaxxed after being constantly badgered by her for months. Being that I’m old and have worked in the real world I now know that I’ve been duped, fooled, hoodwinked numerous times in my life; an not just on minor matters. In business, when you make bad decisions you finally have to take a write down on your bad decisions. But the same process applies in your personal beliefs and understandings. The problem with leftists is that they tend mostly to have the good student mind set. They’re all smart people and, in their mind, could not have been wrong about the “science”, the medical industry or the reality of poisoning themselves. They certainly could never admit that grubby Walmart shopping Trump supporters might have been right on this issue and they were wrong. Perhaps people like Naomi Wolfe or Jimmy Dore can bring them around. It’s no shame to admit that you were deceived by a highly malicious, well planned deception run out of the DOD and ultimately orchestrated to usher in the so called New World Order

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