Covid Retrospective Vol. 1: The Unvaccinated Are Scum

Tom Elliott does everyone a service with this compilation…already viewed by 65 million. I wonder whether any of these folks are planning to apologize.

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3 thoughts on “Covid Retrospective Vol. 1: The Unvaccinated Are Scum

  1. What a great video! Almost as good as “It was not a mistake”. What a gang of idiots! I believe that the unvaccinated are largely those of us who follow the alternative media so the vaccinated are more or less the lefty types.

  2. They should all be punished severely for lying !!! Proud to be unvaxxed and for warning others !!!

  3. Not only they need to apologize, but they must be held responsible for what they’ve done. And I like one of the comments that says they have to be sued and pay to those who suffered vaccine side effects

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