RFK and Jimmy Dore talk about how Bill Gates made a profit from spreading lies about the effectiveness of the COVID mRNA vaccines and later confessed that the vaccines were not effective after he sold his stocks

“Every one of those three things he said would get you de-platformed, and we were saying that from day one. I said in May 2020, these vaccines are dead on arrival because, in the monkey trials, the vaccinated monkeys had the same amount of COVID in their nasal pharynx, so there’s no benefit for transmission. And yet Gates and Fauci were saying at that time, if you get it, you can’t pass it to your grandma; you can’t pass it to anybody else. If he was looking at any data from the companies that he had invested hundreds of millions in, like Astra Zeneca, he would be saying that the monkeys, which is the critical animal study, it didn’t work. He had to know that. Everybody knew that it meant that this vaccine would never prevent transmission, which means it is a criminal act to provide a leaky vaccine that does not provide sterilizing immunity during a pandemic because what you are doing is everybody who gets that vaccine now becomes a factory for mutant variants or escape variants. It’s the same thing if you give somebody subtherapeutic antibiotics. That person is now a factory for antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It’s going to selectively breed escape variants that can escape that vaccine. A leaky vaccine is not what you want to do in the middle of a pandemic.”

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