UK age stratified all cause death data shows higher deaths associated with covid vaccination

“at this point, this looks like about as clear a signal as one could find. release the rest of this data.”

cliff notes:

  • one must assess full risk/reward to accurately gauge a medical intervention
  • this bar is especially high for vaccines given to the healthy
  • by may 2022 having ever taken a covid vaxx was associated with 22-74% greater all cause mortality vs being unvaccinated and this was true in ALL age stratifications.
  • risk rates were still rising when publication of this data series was discontinued and could well be higher now
  • some benefit against “death by covid” was still in evidence but was rapidly diminishing and was clearly either being miscounted or swamped by some other form of mortality.
  • this implies deeply negative overall risk/reward from covid vaccines and raises pointed questions about their continued promotion and the processes by which they were approved. there was no age group in which they were associated with overall mortality benefit.

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