Global South, And The Demise Of “Unipolar Led International Trade.”

The Weaponization Of The US Dollar Has Backfired. Media Blackout On BRICS. “BRICS May Soon Have 15017 Members.”

We see that China, India, Iran and Turkey, among themselves they are already trading in their currencies. What does this mean? That they are sidelining the United States dollar. Just these four countries. It means that at present the global market is excluding 3 billion people from the U.S. dollar dominated international system. Over 3 billion people no longer need to use the U.S. dollar to trade with one another. This is just a fraction of the global south.”

”The United States dollar exposes countries to sanctions, really. It’s either you tow the line or you are susceptible to economic sanctions.”

—Professor Everisto Benyera

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  1. From Chuck Butler… I also read a piece about how Russia is going to bypass the $60 cap on Oil prices that the U.S. and other countries implemented, and demand a gram or two of physical Gold for a barrel of Oil

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