The Devil’s Advocate: An Exploratory Analysis of 2022 Excess Mortality

Norman Fenton and Martin Neil: “What is causing excess deaths: Covid, long-covid, lockdowns, healthcare or the vaccines? … What can we conclude then from our EXPLORATORY analysis:

  • Clearly the surge in Covid-19 and its effect on excess deaths shows the vaccines are not effective. This looks self-evident and this isn’t news.
  • There is no evidence to support long-covid as a cause of excess deaths.
  • There is weak evidence of the negative effect of lockdown measures (see the video).
  • Healthcare quality looks to be irrelevant, but we are not satisfied we have good metrics for this.
  • There is a clear signal that the vaccination programme is causing, at least, some of the excess death rate. With this data the vaccines don’t look to be safe.

How long this run of excess deaths lasts is an unknown and remains a frightening prospect. Whether the effects of the vaccination programme persist we do not know, but the evidence for a plausible biological mechanism connecting the vaccines and sudden deaths is now widely accepted.”

You should watch the video for the full presentation, but please bear in mind that this is Science in Actionᵀᴹ and nowhere near the final word on the issue. It is EXPLORATORY, in the same way that in ‘olden days of yore’ scientists and statisticians would have been all too eager to answer difficult questions requiring honest evaluation of all available evidence (it might even have been career enhancing to do so).

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