Global Study Finds That Unvaccinated People Face Extreme Prejudice Around the World After COVID-19

@COVID19Up: “Across all inhabited continents of the world, people show prejudice and discriminatory attitudes towards individuals not vaccinated against COVID-19, according ( to a global study from Aarhus University published ( on Thursday (Dec. 8) in the peer-reviewed journal Nature. Many vaccinated people do not want close relatives to marry an unvaccinated person. They’re also inclined to think that the unvaccinated are incompetent as well as untrustworthy, and they generally feel antipathy against them. The study reveals that prejudice towards the unvaccinated is as high or higher than prejudice directed towards other common and diverse targets of prejudice, including immigrants, drug-addicts and ex-convicts. ‘The conflict between those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 and those who are not threatens societal cohesion as a new socio-political cleavage, and the vaccinated clearly seem to be the ones deepening this rift,’ said postdoc Alexander Bor, who is the lead author of the study. In contrast, researchers find that the unvaccinated display almost no discriminatory attitudes towards the vaccinated.”

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